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Tony then helped the Bates family, the owners, move all their equipment on to another offshore structure, Roughs Tower, off Harwich.

At that time it was intended to continue broadcasting from the new base but Roy Bates came up with another plan.

Jimmy had a job as an insurance rep when Radio Scotland launched but he also worked part-time as a volunteer on hospital radio in Edinburgh.

Fascinated by the new station, he did not waste any time. Managing Director Tommy Shields commissioned him to present The Hospital Half-Hour request show each week.

Following the closure, he applied to join the BBC in Glasgow.

From there he presented a number of different shows on BBC Radio Scotland as well as network programmes for Radio 1 (Radio 1 Club) and Radio 2 (Night Ride).

Think there's an anti-establishment thread emerging here!

Got involved in the Indian protest movements and learned about the richness of their cultures, and somehow also found myself qualified as a Fireground Commander in the Fire and Rescue Service.

According to this press cutting from Radio News, Tony “created a bond between himself and millions of BBMS listeners”.

Then there was a period of doing entertainments on board cruise ships, which gave me the chance to see more of the world, as well as learning to dance a lot every night.

Next life was again Canada and into the back-to-the-land hippie movement, keeping food on the table by working with reluctant students and innovative teachers.

This was recorded on land but whenever possible Jimmy took time off from the day job to visit the ship and present shows live.

The following year, with the end of the station in sight, he took more holiday and spent the last three weeks of Radio Scotland's life on board the ship so he was there when it closed down on 14th August 1967.

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