Sailormoon senshi dating game

The Western lord stands at her side, unwilling to allow the Darkness to possess the beautiful priestess or destroy the future he intends for them.

This is the story that you never knew Naruto actually was.

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An ancient evil has escaped its prison and it seeks to extinguish the Light and Kagome finds herself a target.No matter who they are or think they are, they will be punished. As life continues to spiral a new prophecy is born and the old prophecy is change. Now fifty years later she has to return making new friends and old and new enemies. Some Kakashi, Jiraiya, and possibly Sasuke bashing, and Hyuuga clan bashing.Will the new prophecy help Naruto or will the old prophecy come true. She must find a way to stop the threat and bring balance to the world. She promised herself she would fight until she had no more strength, she vowed to never lose hope even in the darkest times, but tonight she was about to give up.Clean the mess, and drop the hammer on the enemies of the Leaf. "People have had dark plans for Naruto ever since before he was born. As the stage for the chunin exams begins and the oath he made in Hinata's blood.When he found out exactly what those plans were and who made them, he swore they'd suffer for their greed and arrogance. Naruto's life will spiral out of control but also the secrets and truth will be revealed to him. Rated M for blood, language, and hinted sexual situations. Seras has a bad dream, instinct sends her running to her master who surprisingly comforts her. More info to come.: Takes place 2-3 months after Seras is turned.A rewrite of the conclusion of our beloved series taken in light of the events in its first and, arguably, best arcs.Come and witness how the end was in the beginning - leaving nothing undone.As our favourite couple experience the challenges of married life, the new couple have to experience friendship, adventure, and personal growth before they get to have their happily ever after. History is rewritten as the descendants of the Otsutsuki clan are finally all gathered onto one team. When everything that you know and love is taken away from you so harshly. Kagome’s destiny lies within the lives of the sons of the Inu no Taishou and was predicted.Bella is walking home during a blizzard and stumbles on a homeless man on the ground. All you can think about is anger, hatred and even revenge. See how she delves deeper into that knowledge, as her present and their past collide to reveal the true power of Kagome and her connection to the Son of the Moon. They hadn't noticed a thing after Harry had broken up with Ginny at Dumbledore's funeral. But then again, they had been quite blind before that time as well.

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