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Matchmore fully integrates Io T devices like beacons and provides a highly scalable technology to support up to millions of moving objects.

Create a virtual geofence and push smart notifications when users approach a chosen point of interest.

is to be the industry leader delivering innovative solutions for natural resource management through teamwork, advanced technology, and personalized client service.The key to satisfied users is to keep them updated on their preferences based on certain criteria.Trigger smart notifications to visitors on festivals when they approach other relevant visitors, food stands or music stages.We are proud to have been entrusted with our clients’ finances, particularly along our main business lines: Corporate loans, Investment and safe-keeping service, Wealth management, Time deposits, Foreign exchange service, Quick transfer of funds and payment.We are a stable bank, with a strong network and solid partnerships throughout the finance industry.With our technology you need no particular backend, no complex client side code, no need to track devices or objects, to check for range, matches and so on.Only a few API or SDK calls and we take care of everything else!is a natural resource consulting firm providing a complete line of forestry services to landowners.The company was set up in its present form in 1983 but has roots in a firm with private forestry services dating back to 1963.Our size and overall organisational setup provides us with the increasingly important flexibility of tailoring our services to individual customers and projects.Earning and retaining our customers’ trust is a cornerstone of our operation.

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