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The second railroad to reach Knoxville was the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific, which completed a line from Oskaloosa in 1876, it being the second railroad to reach Knoxville, the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific which completed a line from Oskaloosa in 1876. This mine operated in a coal vein that was locally up to 14 feet thick, but only locally.

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In 1842, the Sac and Fox Indians signed a treaty to sell lands in central Iowa to the new settlers known as the New Purchase of 1842. The first Marion County Courthouse was erected three years later.

The first survey made the streets 80 feet wide, alleys 10 feet wide, and lots 120’ x 60’, but the third survey changed the width of the streets to 50 feet, and made the blocks 265’ x 240’. Knoxville remained an unincorporated village until 1853, when a movement for incorporation began.

The first Marion County courthouse was built on a lot owned by L. A judicial order was issued after an election in which 64 votes were cast in favor of incorporation, with 4 votes against. In early 1853, the citizens of Marion County created a committee to attract railroad development to the county and to Knoxville, promising to buy shares in any railroad that reached town.

According to the census of 2000, there were 7,731 people, 3,191 households, and 1,984 families residing in the city.

The population density was 1,746.2 people per square mile (673.8/km²).

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