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Hasselblad Industrial Photography Booklet 19pgs (Xerox Copy)Hasselblad Instructions Various Items (Xerox Copy)Hasselblad Landscape Photography Booklet 19 pgs (Xerox Copy)Hasselblad Leather 'key chain' Hasselblad Lenses 1982 26 pgs (xerox copy)Hasselblad Lenses, 30 pgs, 1975 (xerox copy)Hasselblad Portrait Photography 1988 25 pgs (xerox copy)Hasselblad Portrait Photography Booklet 19 pgs (Xerox Copy)Hasselblad Super Wide Instructions 1954 33 pgs (xerox copy)Hasselblad The System 1991 15pgs (xerox copy)Hasselblad Wildlife Photography Booklet 23pgs (Xerox Copy)Hawkeye Lens in EKC Shutter with mounting ring Hawkeye Instamatic R4 (126 film) (168I) (heavy metal body)Haze 1 Rollei Bay I Filter Haze Filter in Kodak W Filter Mount (No 53)Haze Filter Kodak W mount (No 49)Head for D2V Omega Enlarger w/ Variable Condenser Head Master K&F Products Co LA (No 4)Heat Glass for 860H Kodak Projectors (2 1/2" dia)Heavy Flash Bracket with shoe (No 73)Heavy Light Mount (No 51)Heavy Light Mount (No 52)Heavy Metal Leica Screw Mount Body Cap (no name) (No 81)Heavyily Chromed Exakta Lens flange ring (No 23)Heidosmat 85mm f2.8 Rollei Projector Lens (New)Heiland 2 Cell Flash (No 62)Heiland 35mm Camera Bracket with hot shoe (No 62)Heiland Pentax 46mm Cap for 135mm f3.5 preset lens Heiland Solenoid with bracket High Quality Pebble Grain Bag (No 13)Hit "TYPE" Camera Cases-Says "Camera" on the front of cases Hit Film Cassette (No4)Hit Type Camera Case (No1)Hit type camera case (No3)Hit type case (No2)Home Sweet Home Candy Dish Wall Hanging (No 14)Home Video Equipment HP Photobooks 160pg 1984Honeywell H1a Honeywell H3v Honeywell Pentax Bellows II (for screw mount)Honeywell Tilt-A-Mite Fan Flash for M Series Bulbs (No 46)Hood 5cm f1.9 Lenses on Miranda (No15)Hood "ADUNI" for 8mm Bolex (No 10)Hood / Filter Strap Mounted Case for Contaflex Hood Cap 14089 65mm for 65 & 90mm Elmarit (No 87)Hood Cap fits hood 12564 Leicaflex R2/50 R2.8/35 (No 88)Hood Cap for 90mm f2.8 Elmarit (No 76)Hood Case (fits 4x4 Baby Rollei)Hood Cover for Hasselblad Hood for 2.8cm f2.8 Miranda Lens with leather case Hood for 28mm f2.8 Lenses on Miranda (no14)Hood for 28mm f3.5 Hexanon Lens Konica Hood for 2x3 Graphic Graflok Backs (No14)Hood for 2x3 Minature Speed Graphic (No12)Hood for 35mm f2.8 MC Rokkor-HG Lens in leather case Hood for 5.8cm f1.4 RE Auto Topcor Hood for 5cm f1.9 Lens for Miranda (no13)Hood for 75mm f.4.5 Pentax 6x7 Lens Hood for 80mm f2.8 Kiev 60 lens Hood for Retina IIIc Hood for the Hasselblad 80mm f2.8 Planar Lens (No 3)Hood Metal Bay I (Walz Brand)Hood/Filter Adapter Ring #1285 (fits 13mm f1.8 YVAR) (No 9)Hood/Filter Holder for Bolex 8mm (No 11)Hope 7x50 Metal Binoculars with leather case Hope subminature camera case Horseman 6x7 Roll Film Holder (No4)Hot Shoe with PC fitting (Hama brand) (new)How to Take Better Sports films by Raymond Ziesse How to Take Good Pictures by Kodak 192p 1982How to Take Great Pictures 35mm Autofocus Point & Shoot Cameras How to Use the Cine-Kodak Special 88pg (xerox)HP Photosmart 435 Camera (3.1 MP)HP Photosmart A610 Series Ultra Compact Printer HP Photosmart R07 Battery (used)II Kern Paillard Cap for 8mm Bolex (No 17)IIIc Leica Case Ikoblitz 4 Bulb Flash new in well worn box Ikoblitz 4x1 Bulb Flash for Flash Cubes Ikoblitz Bulb Flash with Cord for Flash Cubes Ikoblitz LD Flash for Flash Bulbs Imperial Debonair (620 film) (50I)Imperial Debonair (620 film) (64I)Imperial Debonair 620 Camera Outfit Imperial Flash Mark XII (620 film) (No 10)Imperial Flash Mark XII with flash (No 7)Imperial Flash Mark XII with flash (No 8)Imperial Herco (620 film) (18B)Imperial Reflex TLR (620 film) (71T)Imperial Reflex TLR (620 film) (No 34)Incident Dome for Weston Master III (& probably IV)Incident Light Dome for a GE PR-1 Meter Incident Light Dome for Weston Master Meters Infinity Stop Set (folding)Insta-Flash TLR (620 film) (78T)Instamatic 44 (126 film) (161I)Instamatic Reflex Camera Instructions (original booklet)Instamatic Savings Bank (104M)Instoscope (early look through sight type light meter)Instructions for Celestron (42pgs) xerox Instructions for Mamiya 645 Pro (on CD)Instructions for Minolta-16Ps (xerox)Instructions for the TDC Vivid Stereo Projector (xerox copy)IQZoom 900 Pentax Camera IQZoom Pentax Jack Power Viewing glass (directors viewing glass)JC Penny Flash (for minolta XG cameras) (No 18)JC Penny Flash (No 83)JC Penny Flash Manual or Auto (No 72)JEN Z Clip JEN Products Co.NY (No 34)Jenova Camera Bag (No 55)Jiffy Kodak Six-20 (620 film) (26D)Jim's Camera Low Residue lens cleaner for optics glasses etc JTL Wireless Slave Flash (will work with any digital camera)Juplen CAP (approximately 62mm/63mm) (No 4)JVC Camcorders. 12mm Tasco Eyepiece (No 8) (new)K1000 Pentax K1000 Instruction Booklet, 32pgs.Kaiser (made in Germany) Double Adjusting Macro Stage (new)Kaiser Black Bubble level with 2 built in levels and a shoe Kalart Flash (mounts in a regular hot shoe) (No 8)Kalart Flash Reflector with Clip for Mounting (No 36)Kalart Regular 8mm Compact Cement Splicer (No 20)Kalart Style "Press" Type Flash for House Style Flash Bulbs (No 4)Kalimar AFF Auto Focus Flash for Nikon AF Cameras (new) (No 32)Kalimar AFZ Flash w/ 2 flashes for Nikon AF Cameras (new) (No 33)Kalimar Auto-T Mount for Kalimar Lenses(Minolta or Canon FD)Kalimar Bellowscope Junior for Exakta (No 29)Kalimar Flash for Olympus (No 1)Kern II Cap for Bolex 8mm (No 12)Kern Paillard Cameras and Lenses Booklet 23pg (xerox)Kern Paillard Cap (No 36)Kern Paillard Lenses 2pg (xerox)Kern-Paillard Movie Lens Case (No 60)Keystone everflash 30 (126 film) (166I)Keystone Projector Lubrcating Oil in antique glass bottle Kiev 60 Meter Prism Kiev 60 UV and Yellow/Green filters for 80mm f2.8 Lens Kiev Film back for Kiev 80 and 88 (No 1)Kiev Film back for Kiev 80 and 88 (No 2)Kiev Film back for Kiev 80 and 88 (No 3)Kiku 16 Camera Case (no14)Kinderman diafocus AF 250 slide projector Kiron 2X Match Mate MC Doubler for Konica Cameras Kitstar 26B Compact Manual Flash (No 52)Kitstar Manual Flash with built in sync cord (new) (No 50)KLIC-5000 Kodak for LS743 LS753 LS420 LS443 LS663 (used)KLIC-5001 Nicad Battery for Kodak Easyshare Cameras (used)KLIC7001 Battery for Kodak V550Knob for Leica Titall Tripod (with thread hole inside)Kodablitz Flash for AG-1 Flash Bulbs (new)Kodachrome II 100 Ft 16mm Film (May 1968)Kodachrome II 100 Ft 16mm Movie Film (Jan 1964)Kodak 140 Slide Trays Kodak 300 Projector with 100mm(4") f3.5 Lens for stacks of slides Kodak 300 Slide Projector (No lens)Kodak 4200 Carousel Projector with 102-152mm Zoom Lens Kodak 4400 Carousel with 4-6" Zoom Lens (No 18)Kodak 500 Slide Projector for stacks of slides (no lens)Kodak 5200 Carousel (Low Use) 127mm f2.8 Kodak Lens Kodak 5200 Projector w/ 102mm-152mm Kodak Lens (overhauled)Kodak 750H Projector with 102mm f2.8 Ektanar (No 16)Kodak 860H Auto Focus Projector Overhualed (body only no lens)Kodak 860H Auto Focus Slide Projector with Lens (overhauled)Kodak 860H Projector w/ Wide Lens (No Autofocus) (No 17)Kodak 860H Projector w/ 102mm f2.8 Ektanar (No 15)Kodak 860H Projector w/ 4-6" f3.5 Zoom (No Autofocus) (No 14)Kodak AA Batteries (Dated 2014)Kodak Advantix F600 with 30-60mm Zoom Kodak Automatic Cable Release Pusher Kodak Bayonet to PC adapter RAREKodak Bullet Camera Box (96S)Kodak Bullet Camera Box (written on front lightly) (97S)Kodak Carousel 20' Remote Extension Cord Kodak Carousel 5400 Projector with 102mm f2.8 Ektanar Lens Kodak Carousel 650H with 4" (102mm) f3.5 Ektanar Lens Kodak Carousel 650H with 4" (102mm) f3.5 Ektanar Lens Kodak Carousel 760H w/ 4" f3.5 Ektanar Lens (No autofocus) (No12)Kodak Carousel 760H with 102mm f2.8 Ektanar Lens Kodak Carousel 760HK w/ 102mm f2.8 Ektanar Lens (No13)Kodak Carousel 8' Remote Extension Cord Kodak Carousel 80 trays Kodak Carousel Projector Case wooden (fits AF-2 vintage)Kodak Carousel Remote Control with Remote focus switch Kodak Carousel Remote Control with Remote NO focus switch Kodak Cavalcade Slide Tray Kodak CC Batteries 2 Pack (Dated 2014)Kodak Darkroom Lamp Kodak Duaflex I Bulb Flash (No 75)Kodak EC Dissolve Control for Kodak Carousel Kodak Ektagraphic B2 with Generic Zoom and Remote New bulb (Overhauled)Kodak Ektagraphic Projector with 4-6" f3.5 Zoom Lens Kodak Extra Heavy Duty 9 Volt Battery (2014 Date)Kodak Flash holder (w/ bayonet sync cord end) (34T)Kodak Flash holder (w/ bayonet sync cord end) (35T)Kodak Jiffy (616 film) (46D)Kodak Junior Six 20 Camera Kodak K100 16mm Camera with 2 finders (No 2)Kodak K100 16mm Camera with 3 finders (No 1)Kodak K100 Instruction Booklet (original)Kodak K3000 Battery Charger Kodak Kodalit IV Flashholder (36T) fits.....Kodak Lens Adapter for Use with the DX4330 Digital Camera Kodak Lens f7.7 in AS IS EKC shutter (No 9)Kodak Photo Blotter Roll | New | Sealed Box |Kodak Polarizer 'Pocket' Viewer (No 48)Kodak Pony 35mm Bulb Flash (bayonet cord) (NO BRACKET) (No 17)Kodak Pony 35mm Bulb Flash (bracket and bayonet cord) (No 10)Kodak Pony 828 camera Box, Accessory Phamplet , Instructions (37T)Kodak Pony 828 Carrying case (also for 135 Pony) (72)Kodak Pony Style Bulb Flash w/ bayonet style sync cord (No 67)Kodak Post Type Bayonet to Standard PC Fitting Kodak Precision Enlarger Items Kodak PX28 Battery (Canon AE-1)Kodak Reflex Instructions 40pgs (original booklet)Kodak Retinette Rangefinder Camera Kodak Rotary Flashholder for Kodak Auto 35 Camera (No74)Kodak S76 Silver Oxide Battery 1.5V (2014)Kodak Stereo Camera Case (No3)Kodak Stylus (for the back of Kodak 1920's folding cameras)Kodak Universal Developer MQ in Glass Tube Kodak W Filter holder to Series V filter adapter (No 50)Kodak W Filters for M mount Movie Lenses Kodak Water and Sport Single Use Camera Kodak World's Fair Flash Camera 1964-1965 (100I)Kodak Wratten Gelatin Filters for Bolex 8/16mm (All Types) (No 29)Kodak XD H2GB Card (used)Kodascope Lubricating Oil in antique glass bottle Kodascope Regular 8mm Projector (See Rental Page)Koinica 630-Z Advantix Camera (No 8)Koni Omega Rapid 120 Film Back Koni Omega System Booklet, 12 pgs (xerox copy)Konica Auto Winder AR for T4 Cameras (No4)Konica Auto Winder AR for T4 Cameras (No5)Konica Autofeflex T with 70-150mm Vivitar Zoom Konica Autoreflex Flash Shoe (No1)Konica Autoreflex T Instruction Booklet (original)Konica Autoreflex T Camera Body Konica Bellows 3 ARKonica Bellows Adapter for 57mm f1.2 Hexanon Lens Konica C35 Black Outfit (needs rear door foam)Konica Critical Magnifier (with eyepiece converter) for Konica Konica Eyecup/Eyepiece -2 Diopter (No08)Konica Eyepiece 1 Diopter (No07)Konica Eyepiece Ring no glass (No12)Konica Revio KD-510Z (4PM)Konica T Mount Konica T mount (new) (No 6)Konica T3 Camera Body Konica Tamron Adaptall 2 Mount (No5A)Konica Tamron Adaptall 2 Mount (No 5)Konica to Pentax Screw Mount adapter Konica(EASY to adapt to 4:3 digital Olympus)Kowa Six 72mm Cap Kyocera R4 Remote Control L418 Sekonic Viewer (Spotmeter Attachment) w/ Case Laptop Bag Compaq (No 27)Laptop Bag well padded (Dell brand) (No 26)Laptop/Camera Cable Adapter Kit New Large 'Custom' Flash Clamp (No 5)Large 17x20 Eastman Kodak Enlarging Easel Large Bogen Tripod Head (No 21)Large Changing Bag (25" x 29")Large diameter Aimes Hershey Flash Handle (No 6)Large Film Shield for X ray protection (holds 21 rolls of film) (new)Large Glass Prism in casket wooden box.) rubber lens shade for Pro-Tessar62mm Skylight filter or UV filter62mm Sunpak Circular Polarizer (new)630AF Achiever Flash for Pentax PZ10 Cameras (new) (No 10)632LCD Achiever Flash for Canon A Series (new) (No 21)63mm f2.7 Kodak Cine Ektanon Movie Lens in S Mount (No 2)64BM Sony Memory Stick64MB Promaster Compact Flash Card (new)64MB San Disk Compact Flash (used)650 Si Date Maxxum Camera Body65mm f3.5 Mamiya TLR Lens Hood65mm f4.5 Mamiya-Sekor (non-C) Lens for Mamiya RB67 (No 6)65mm f6.3 Wollensak Projection Anastigmat Lens (No 5)65mm Hood for Mamiya C330 TLR Cameras65mm Sports Mask for Mamiya C330 TLR Cameras67mm (& 62mm) Clamp on Hood for Pentax Screw Mount Lenses67mm Lens Cap for Bronica S series67mm Marumi Circular Polarizer (new)67mm Optech Swing out cap (new)6mm 1 1/4" PARKS Telescope eyepiece6x18 Ultra Compact Monocular (LO Japan)6x30 German WWII Artillary Dienstglass6x9cm format Roll Holder for GRAFLEX 4x5 Super D (or similar)7 1/2" (190mm) f4.5 Ilex Paragon in Barrel7 1/2" (191mm) f4.5 Kodak Enlarging Ektanon (No 32)7 1/2" 190mm Illex Paragon7 Western Electric No 5 Bayonet Base Flashbulbs (7 total) (No 30)7" (178mm) f3.5 Kodak Projection Ektanon Lens (No 1)7.2 Volt Li-ion Battery for Many 6.0V-7.2V Digitial Cameras7.5cm f2.5 Steinheil Tessar in Compur70-150 f3.8 Macro Vivitar for Canon FD70-150mm f3.5 Tamron Lens (adaptall 2 mount required)70-150mm f3.5 Tamron Lens (requires adaptall 2 mount)70-150mm f3.8 Vivitar Lens for Canon FD70-150mm f3.8 Vivitar Lens for Pentax Screw Mount70-150mm f3.8 Vivitar Macro Zoom for Canon FD70-150mm f3.8 Vivitar Macro Zoom for Canon FD70-150mm f4.0 Zuiko Auto-Zoom for Olympus70-150mm f4.5 Canon Brand Zoom70-150mm f4.5 Canon Brand Zoom70-150mm Series E Zoom Nikkor70-200mm f4.0 A Series Pentax Lens70-200mm f4.0 Takumar A for Pentax K Mount70-200mm f4.0-5.6 Takumar F (A Series / AF) Zoom70-210 f2.8 APO Sigma for Minolta MD (New)70-210 f3.5 Vivitar Series I Lens for Olympus70-210 f4.5 Komura for Canon FD70-210mm 4.0-5.6 Tamron Adaptall 2 lens70-210mm f2.8 APO Sigma Lens for Minolta MD (New)70-210mm f2.8 Vivitar Series I for Pentax K70-210mm f3.5 Access Lens for Canon FD70-210mm f3.5 Macro Vivitar Series I Lens for Pentax Screw Mount70-210mm f3.5 Vivitar Series I70-210mm f3.5 Vivitar Series I for Canon FD70-210mm f3.5 Vivitar Series I for Nikon non-AI70-210mm f3.5 Vivitar Series I lens for Canon FD70-210mm f3.5 Vivitar Series I lens for Contax70-210mm f3.5 Vivitar Series I Lens for Konica70-210mm f3.5 Vivitar Series I Pentax Screw Mount70-210mm f3.5 Vivtar Series I Lens for Pentax Screw Mount70-210mm f3.5-4.5 APO Sigma for Maxxum Camera (New)70-210mm f3.8 Hanimex Brand Lens for Fuji Cameras70-210mm f3.8-4.8 Underground Lens for OM-170-210mm f4-5.6 UC Sigma AF Lens for Maxxum Cameras (New)70-210mm f4-5.6 UC Sigma AF Lens for Maxxum Cameras (New)70-210mm f4-5.6 UC Sigma AF Lens for Maxxum Cameras (New)70-210mm f4.0 Canon FD Lens70-210mm f4.0 Canon FD Lens70-210mm f4.0 Canon FD Lens70-210mm f4.0 No Name Zoom for Canon FD70-210mm f4.0 Zoom-Nikkor Series E AIS70-210mm f4.0-5.6 AF Nikkor BOX70-210mm f4.0-5.6 AF Nikkor BOX70-210mm f4.0-5.6 Nikon AF Lens70-210mm f4.0-5.6 Quantaray Brand Lens for Minolta MD70-210mm f4.0-5.6 Quantaray Lens for Nikon AIS70-210mm f4.0-5.6 Sigma Zoom for Pentax K (A Series)70-210mm f4.0-5.6 SZ-X Tokina for Minolta MD (New)70-210mm f4.0-5.6 Tokina Nikon AF70-210mm f4.5 Vivitar for Canon FD ('new')70-210mm f4.5 Vivitar Macro Zoom for Canon FD70-210mm f4.5-5.6 Vivitar A Series Lens for Pentax K Mount70-210mm f4.5-5.6 Vivitar AF Lens for Maxxum Xi70-210mm f4.5-5.6 Vivitar Lens for Canon FD70-210mmf4.0-5.6 Tamron Adaptall 2 lens70-220mm f3.5 Soligar Lens Pentax Screw Mount70-220mm f4.0 Tamron Adaptall Lens w/ Canon FD Mount70-222mm f3.5 Macro Soligar for Canon FD70-300mm f4.0-5.6 Sigma DL Macro for Maxxum70-300mm f4.0-5.6D ED AF Nikkor70-300mm f4.5-5.6G AF Nikkor7000 Maxxum instruction booklet, 64pgs7000i Maxxum Instruction booklet, 73pgs70mm f 2.8 Telephoto Lens for Pentaxt 110 (No 43)70mm f2.8 Lens for Pentax 110 Cameras (No 24)70mm f2.8 Pentax 110 Lens (No22)72 in 1 Memory Card & Sim Card Reader/Writer72mm Sunpak Circular Polarizer (new)72mm Sunpak Skylight Filter (new)75-150mm f4.0 Zuiko Auto Zoom75-150mm f4.0 Zuiko Auto-Zoom75-150mm f4.5 Makinon Brand Lens for Konica75-200 f4.5 Quantaray for Nikon AI75-200 f4.5 TOU for Canon FD75-200mm f4.5 Auto focus Vivitar Macro Zoom for Contax 137/139 (New)75-200mm f4.5 Canon FD Zoom75-200mm f4.5 Promaster Lens for Fuji Bayonet Cameras75-200mm f4.5 TOU/FIVE STAR lens for Canon FD75-205mm f3.8 Vivitar (Canon FD) (Needs work)75-205mm f3.8 Vivitar Lens for Canon FD75-205mm f3.8 Vivitar lens for Pentax K Cameras75-300mm AF 4.5-5.6 Nikkor BOX75-300mm f4.5-5.6 AF Nikkor Lens with built in Tripod Mount75-300mm f4.5-5.6 Vivitar Lens for Canon FD75-300mm f4.5-5.6 Vivitar Series I for Nikon Auto Focus75-300mm f5.6 Albinar for Minolta MD750 m Ah Uniross AAA Nicads75mm f3.5 Beslar Enlarging Lens (No 21)75mm f3.5 EL-Omegar Lens75mm f3.5 Telsar Leica Thread Mount Enlarging Lens (No 28)75mm f4.0 Pantar Lens for a Zeiss Contina III Camera75mm f4.5 Rodenstock Omegar Enlarging Lens (No 12)75mm f4.5 Rodenstock Omegar Enlarging Lens (No 29)75mm f4.5 Rodenstock-Omegar (No 2)75mm f4.5 Tominon in self cocking Copal Shutter77mm Sunpak Circular Polarizer (new)77mm Sunpak Sky Filter (new)77mm Sunpak UV Filter (new)77mm UV filter for Pentax 6x7 with Bayonet Fittings78-210mm f3.5 Soligar for Minolta MD7x30 Spiratone Monocular with 52mm adapter for telephoto pictures7x35mm Discover Wide Field Binoculars with extras7x50 Vivtar Rubber Armored Binoculars (new)8 1/4" (210mm) f4.5 Tayor & Hobson Barrel lens (No 14)8 MB Nikon Compact Flash Card (used)8 Misc Bulb Press flashbulbs (No 2)8 mm D Mount Movie Items8/16mm Film Cleaning kit (new)8/16mm Mansfield Holiday Cement Splicer (No 22)80-200 f2.8 ED AF Nikkor BOX80-200 f3.5 Zoom-Hexanon AR for Konica80-200 f3.9 Albinar Lens for Pentax A series80-200mm f3.5mm Promaster Zoom for Nikon non-AI80-200mm f3.8 Pangor Lens for Pentax K80-200mm f3.8 Super-Paragon for Canon FD80-200mm f3.8 Tamron Adaptall 2 Lens80-200mm f3.9 Albinar Lens for Canon FD80-200mm f3.9 Kalimar Lens for Contax/Yashica Cameras80-200mm f3.9 Pro Spec Zoom for Canon FD80-200mm f4.0 RMC Tokina for Pentax K80-200mm f4.0 Access Lens for Canon FD80-200mm f4.0 Access Lens for Minolta MD80-200mm f4.0 CPC Zoom Lens for Pentax Screw Mount80-200mm f4.0 Hanimex for Yashica Cameras80-200mm f4.0 Hanimex Zoom Lens for Olympus80-200mm f4.0 Sear Pentax Screw Mount Lens80-200mm f4.0 SMC Pentax-M Zoom for Pentax K Cameras80-200mm f4.0 Zoom-Nikkor AIS80-200mm f4.5 CPC Phase 2 for Canon FD80-200mm f4.5 Kalimar Brand Lens for Konica80-200mm f4.5 Kiron Lens for Minolta MD80-200mm f4.5 Maxxum Lens for 5000/700080-200mm f4.5 MC Soligar Zoom for Pentax Screw Mount80-200mm f4.5 Paisar Brand Lens for Minolta MD80-200mm f4.5 Promaster Brand Lens for Konica80-200mm f4.5 Quantary for Olympus80-200mm f4.5 Rokinon for Canon FD80-200mm f4.5 Seikanon for Pentax K Cameras80-200mm f4.5 SMC Pentax K Mount Zoom80-200mm f4.5 Soligar Lens for Contax/Yashica Cameras80-200mm f4.5 Soligar Lens for Olympus80-200mm f4.5 Tokina Lens for Olympus80-200mm f4.5 Vivitar Auto Zoom for Canon FD80-200mm f4.5 Vivitar Brand Lens for Konica80-200mm f4.5 Vivitar Lens for Canon FD Cameras80-200mm f4.5 Vivitar lens for Olympus80-200mm f4.5 Zykkor Lens for Olympus80-200mm f4.5-5.6 Sigma Brand Lens for Konica80-200mm f4.7-5.6 SMC Pentax-F (A Series)80-200mm f5.5 Albinar for Minolta MD80-200mm Paiser Lens for Minolta MD80-205mm f4.5 Takumar for Pentax K mount80-205mm f4.5 Telesor Macro for Minolta MD80-210 f4.0 Sears Auto Zoom for Canon FD80-210mm f3.8 Tamron Adaptal 2 Lens80-210mm f3.8 Tamron Adaptall 2 Lens80-250mm f3.8 Tamron Adaptall Lens for Minolta MC800 Si Maxxum Camera Body8008 Camera Back80mm f2.8 Lens for Kiev 60 Cameras80mm f2.8 Mamiya Sekor-C for Mamiya 64580mm f2.8 Planar Box for Bubble and Hasselblad Lens80mm f4 Heligon C fits Retina Big C or...80mm f4 Telephoto for Retina III Big C.80mm f4.0 Retina Longer Xenon for Retina IIIc80mm f4.0 Retina-Longar-Xenon IIIc Telephoto Lens80mm Zeiss Planar CF f2.8T* Box for Hasselblad82mm Bronica S Cap82mm Circular Polarizer Sunpak filter for Bronica S2 5cm Ultrawide Lens82mm Filters Used for Bronica S2 5cm Ultrawide Lens82mm Green Hoya filter for Bronica S2 5cm Ultrawide Lens82mm Hoya Polarizer Used for Bronica S2 5cm Ultrawide Lens82mm Tiffen UV filter85-205mm f3.8 Rexatar for Minolta MC85-205mm f3.8 Two Touch Tele Vivitar for Non-AI Nikon85-210mm f4.5 Tamron Two Touch Lens85-250mm Auto Nikkor Telephoto-Zoom Booklet, 1 page foldout85mm / 135mm Finder Attachment for Zeiss Contax III Cameras85mm f2.0 AI Nikkor (Super Fast for Digital)85mm f2.8 Rollei Projector Lens8GB Compact Flash Dane Elec Card (New)8GB SDHC (Class 4) Dane Elec SD Card (New)8MB or 64MB Microtech Compact Flash in Jewel Case (new)8mm Camcorder Cleaning Cassette with Solution (new)8mm Cinelarger Camera for Enlarging Movie frames8mm Computar f 1.3 TV Lens (C Mount )8mm Kyocera Finemetal 60 min tape (new)8mm Kyocera Finemetal Tape 120 min (new)8mm Maxell Video Tape GX-MP 120 min (new)8mm Movie Macro Tube (No 80)8mm Sony Metal 90 min video tape (new)8mm Sony Metal Video Tape 120 min (new)8mm Sony Metal Video Tape 120 min (new)8mm viewer for Keystone Projectors K-109 K-108 K-68 K-69 (No 3)8x10 Black Octagonal Glassed Burnes Frame8x10 Brass Spring Tensioner (9 1/2") (No 29)8x10 classic Rosewood Glassed Burnes Frame8x10 Fidelity Delux Film Holder (Very Clean) (No 2)8x10 Primary Black Glassed Burnes Frame8x10 Primary Green Glassed Burnes Frame8x10 Primary White Glass Burnes Frame8x10 to 5x7 View Camera Reduction Back (No3)8x12 Primary Black Burnes Glassed Wooden Picture Frame8x22 Vivitar Compact Sport Binoculars8x40 Vanguard Rubber Armored Binoculars (new)9 Volt Philips Battery (no package) (new)(2012)9-28mm f1.8 Zeika Reflex Zoom for Bolex C8 or B8 Movie Cameras9.0" (229mm) f4.4 Buhl Lens for Kodak Carousel (No 9)9.5" (242mm) f4.5 Buhl Lens for Kodak Carousel (No 8)9.5" F4.5 Buhl Lens for Kodak Ektagraphic Cat No 322-060 (new)90-190mm Polaris Brand Lens for Konica90-230mm f4.5 Bushnell Lens for Pentax Screw Mount90-230mm f4.5 Lentar Lens in Pentax Screw Mount90-230mm f4.5 Soligar Lens for Canon FD90-230mm f4.5 Vivitar for Minolta MC90-230mm f4.5 Vivitar Lens for Pentax Screw Mount90-230mm f4.5 Vivitar Lens for Petri Bayonet Mount90mm f2.5 VMC Macro Vivitar Series I for Canon FD90mm f2.8/105mm f2.4 Pentax 6x7 Metal Hood90mm f3.8 Mamiya Sekor (non-C) Lens for Mamiya RB67 (No 5)90mm f3.8 Mamiya-Sekor C Lens for Mamiya RB67 (No 5)90mm f4.5 Colorstigmat Elgeet Enlarging Lens (No 24)90mm f6.3 Federal Enlarging Lens (No 21)95mm B&W Green filter for Hasselblad.9cm f4.0 Coated Elmar9cm f4.0 Elmar Cap (No 182)9mm (0.96") Celestron ORTHO (No 2) (new)By James Vilett A Generic Barrel Lens A gift for your boss A Guide to the Exciting World of Maxxum Photography (Origianl)A Waist Level Finder for Some Old Zeiss Folding Camera A-P 8X Loupe A-Z of Camcorders & Video Hove Press 152pg 1991A1 Canon Body A12 Film Back (1970) for Hasselblad (No 10)A12 magazine A28.5mm Carl Zeiss 1m Proxar (closeup) for Contaflex A36 Swing Out Polarizer FILPO (N. (for bay 2 hood and bay 2 polleipol) (No 8)Boy Scout 120 Flash Camera (film is available)BP-408L Nicad Battery Pack for JVC Hi 8 Video Cameras (used)BP-511 Battery for Canon 10D (Canon Brand)BP-511 Battery for Many Canon Digital Cameras BP-511 Canon Brand Nicad for EOS 10D or 20D (used)BP511 Accessory Power for many Canon Cameras (New)BP780S generic brand Battery Charger for Kyocera SL300R SL400RBR-3 Bellows Ring for Nikon F Bellows Bracket for Graphic Style Clip on Flash (No74)Brass Back Spring (6 1/2") for Wooden Cameras (No30)Brass Focusing Panel Springs (8" long) (No31)Brass Light Stand Stud (No 38)Brass Pins for a Focusing Panel on a Wooden View Camera (No33)Brass Springs for Wooden Cameras 8" Long (No 58)Bridseye Flash with flash (620 film) (134I)Bright Multicolor Bowl by Linda Owen (No 5)Bright Yellow Minolta Weathermatic A Pouch Bronica EC Film Magazine Insert New unused Bronica ETR Body Top Cover Bronica ETR Leather Strap Bronica ETR w/ 75mm f2.8 and Advance Grip Bronica ETRS Outfit Bronica ETRS w/ 75mm and Advance Grip Bronica GS Body Cap Bronica S 12/24 exp Film Back for 120/220 film (No Dark slide Provided)Bronica S Film Back (with dark slide)Bronica S Film Back (No Dark Slide Provided)Bronica S Film insert Bronica S Glass Reflex Prism with bottom cover in Leather Case Bronica S Side Grip with Cable Release built into the grip Bronica S Side Grip with Cable Release built into the grip , NEWBronica S2 Generic Metal Cap for 80mm Normal Lens Bronica S2 Metal Cap 77mm Bronica S2 Metal Cap for the 75mm Normal Lens Bronica SQ Body AC Top Cover (new)Bronica SQ Finder AC Bottom Cover (new)Bronica SQ-Ai 6x6 Main Camera Body Instructions (xerox)Bronze Tripod Mount Brown "Alligator texture" Leica Case (Needs Work)Brown Minox Camera Case (No 3)Brownie 127 Camera (127 film) (109I)Brownie Baby Special (127 film) (57I)Brownie Baby Special (127 film) (73I)Brownie Baby Special (127 film) (93I)Brownie Bullet Camera (127 film) (126I)Brownie bullet Camera (127 film) (42I)Brownie Fiest Camera (127 film) (87I)Brownie Flash 20 (620 film) (138I)Brownie Flash Six-20 (117I)Brownie Flash Six-20 (144I)Brownie Flash Six-20 (30I)Brownie Flash Six-20 with flash (130I)Brownie Flash Six-20 with flash (88I)Brownie Flash Six-20 with flash (No 11)Brownie Hawkeye Flash (No 72)Brownie Hawkeye Flash (No 73)Brownie Holiday Camera (127 film) (122I)Brownie Holiday Flash Camera (127 film) (41I)Brownie Holiday Flash Camera (127 film) (No 17)Brownie Holiday Flash Camera w/ flash (127 film) (No 18)Brownie Junior Six-16 (No 3)Brownie Junor Six-16 (strap torn on one end) (No 2)Brownie Reflex Syncro (127 film) (27T)Brownie Reflex Syncro (127 film) (5T)Brownie Reflex Syncro (127 film) (69T)Brownie Reflex Syncro w/ Box w/ Flash (127 film) (287)Brownie Starflash (127 film) (No 19)Brownie Starflex (127 film) (152I)Brownie Starflex Camera (127 film) (No 20)Brownie Starflex with Flash (121I)Brownie Starlet Camera (10I)Brownie Starlet Camera (127 film) (18I)Brownie Starlet Camera (127 film) (37I)Brownie Starmeter (127 film) (125I)Brownie Super 27 Camera (127 film) (29I)Brownie Super 27 Camera (127 film) (32T)Brownie Target Six-20 (No 4)Brownie Target Six-20 (No 5)Bubble for Pentax 110 50mm f2.8 (No 31)Bulb Flash for Contaflex BULB STYLE FLASHES(all types)Bulk Gaffers Tape 60 yards x 6.5" Wide Burke & James 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 Glass Focusing Panel (No 7)Busch Verascope Stereo Slide (Cover glass cracked on one end) by Howard Butts Bushnell Binocular End Caps Bushnell Reflex Adapter " RBT" for Televar in Unknown Mount (No 18)Bushnell Reflex Adapter B for Televar Monocular in Exakta Mount (No 1)Bushnell Spotting Scope to Exakta Lens Mount (No12)Bushnell Spotting Scope to Exakta Lens Mount (No13)Bushnell Telescope Adapter for your Binoculars Bushnell Televar Monocular Mt. with AE Finder FNCanon F1N Mechanical Eyepiece Canon FD Flashes (not for EOS)(ALL TYPES) Canon FD Lens Flange (new)Canon FD Macro Extnesion Tube Canon FD Remote Sensor Cord for AB56 Flash (No 10)Canon FD to M42 Adapter Canon FL Macro Bellows (use with FD lenses in manual stop down)Canon FTB Camera BOXCanon Hi-8 3X Tripler TL-55L3X for A1 Hi Video Cameras Canon Hood ET-60 for EOS 70-300 lens Canon IVSB Rangefinder Bulb Flash Unit-Y (No11)Canon MA Motor Drive for A1 or AE1P (No 14)Canon Macrophoto Coupler FL for lenses with 55mm filter mount (No 10)Canon Marine Film Holder Canon Meter Booster for use with an FTB in low light Canon Mini Bulb Holder (No 43)Canon Minibulb Flash J3 (No79)Canon Motor Drive MA for the A1 or AE1-P Cameras (no8)Canon Power Winder A (No 13)Canon Power Winder A (Runs but motor dry) (No 16)Canon Power Winder A for all A series Cameras (No3)Canon Power Winder A for all A series Cameras (No4)Canon Power Winder A for all A series Cameras (No5)Canon Power Winder A2Canon Power Winder A2 for A series Canon Cameras (No6)Canon Powershot A530 Camera (5.0mp)Canon Rangefinder Camera 55mm Macrophoto Coupler Ring Canon Rangefinder Camera Cap for 135mm f3.5 Serenar Canon Rangefinder Cap (fits 58mm filters)Canon Rangefinder Cap for 50mm f1.4Canon Rangefinder Seki S-II (?to Leica Visoflex I or II (No 2)C Extension Tub box for Hasselblad TIMBCC Eye-level Prism Finder HC-1 Box for Hasselblad C Mount Lens Case "Kern-Paillard" (No 3)C Mount Lens Case "Kern-Paillard" (No 4)C Mount Push on rear lens cap (No 19)C Mount Rear Lens Cap (shallow depth) approx 4mm deep (No 16)C Mount to Canon FD Lenses (No 7)C Mount Turret Cap (No 42)C Mount turret Cap (No 43)C Mount turret cap (No 44)C Mount turret cap (No 45)C Mount Turret Cap (No 92)C Mount Turret Cap for Kodak K100 16mm Camera (No 39)C Pistol Grip Box for Hasselblad C26 Rollei flash for an A26 Rollei Camera C44 Coupled Meter Cable for Battery on Beaulieu R16 (new) (No 95)Cable from Bolex Unimotor B to Mag Takeup Motor (new) (No 54)Cable Hook for a sync cable on 500C SWC or 500CMCable Release for early Hasselblad Cable Release Holder (attaches to a tripod handle)Calculator dial for Weston Master IV meters Calculator Tables for TUBEX Extension Tubes (Bolex H) (No 61)Calumet Flash Meter Cambron F-2 Flash Meter Camera Bag (No 87)Camera Body Cap 14103 R Bayonet "E Leitz Wetzlar" (No 85)Camera Bottom for AA use in Nikon N2000 or N2020Camera Bracket Camera Flash Bulb PC Sync for Early Leica Cameras without Sync (No 48)Camera Handle with 1/4 x 20 stud (No 71)Camera Holder for Canon Rangefinder (not the camera)Camera Parts Display (Minolta XE7)Camera Protectors (for 35mm top covers)Cameye (127 film) (112S)CAN for 16mm Film (3 3/4") (No 1)Candex Camera (127 film) (189S)Candid Type Camera Box M&M COCanolite D for G-III QL Canon Rangefinder Cameras (No 1)Canon (FD style) T mount (No 2)Canon (FD style) T mount (new) (No 9)Canon 155A FD Flash (No 5)Canon 155A FD Flash (No 7)Canon 188A Flash for Canon FD (No 1)Canon 20D (no charger) 8.2 MPCanon 300EZ Speedilte for EOS (No 6)Canon 300TL Flash for Canon T90 Cameras (No 16)Canon 420EZ Speedlite for EOS (No 5)Canon 50mm f1.4 New Style (Mint)Canon 60 T3 Remote Switch (T70, T90, EOS 620 650 750)Canon A1 body Canon A1 Camera BOX for Canon FDCanon A1 Instructions (original booklet) 100 pages Canon A1 Systems Booklet (Original)Canon A1 with Generic Power Winder Canon A2 Winder for A1, AE1, AE1P, AT1, AV1 (No 9)Canon AE-1P Camera Canon AE-1P Camera Body (Bad Meter)Canon AL-1 Instruction Booklet, 59pgs (Original)Canon Angle Finder B (fits F1 Cameras and A Series)Canon Angle Finder B for A Series Cameras Canon AT-1 Camera BOX for Canon FDCanon Auto EX Camera (out of stock)Canon Auto EX Instructions, 39 pgs Canon Bellows M with original instructions Canon Binocular Screw on eyepieces Canon Booster for FTB (No 2)Canon BP-508 Nicad Battery for Many Digital Canon Cameras (used)Canon BP-8 for EOS G, GII, X, XS,and XSN (No 11)Canon Camcorder Book. 152pgs 1991Canon Camera Backpack (No 57)Canon Camera Outfit Bag (No 51)Canon Cameras Canon CP220 Dye Sublimation Pic Bridge Printer (plugs directly to your camera)Canon Data Back A (for A series cameras)Canon EOS 10/10S User's Guide Hove Press 176pg 1990Canon EOS 540EZ Flash Canon EOS 630 User's Guide Hove Press 175pg 1989Canon EOS A2 Camera Body Canon EOS Carrying Case Canon EOS EC-GIII Standard Focusing Screen (Like New) boxed Canon EOS ET-54 Hood (New)Canon EOS Flashes (for EOS) (ALL TYPES)Canon EOS Rebel Canon EOS Rebel 10.1 MP (No Charger) (available 8/16/11)Canon EOS Rebel S w/ 28-80mm f3.5-5.6 Lens Canon EOS Ring Lite ML-3Canon EOS-1 User's Guide Hove Press. Canon Extender FD 2X-B (rare)Canon F1 Electronic Camera Canon F1 Mechanical w/ Technical Grid Screen Canon F1 Mechanical Camera Canon F1 Mechanical Flash Coupler DCanon F1 Rubber Eyecup (soft and flexible)Canon F1-N Mechanical Instruction Booklet 60pgs (Original)Canon F1N elec Body "U. ) Case (No 17)Canon Speedlite 199A, 39pgs (Original)Canon Speelite 380EX For EOS Cameras (No 4)Canon Sure Shot 85 Zoom (38-85mm Zoom)Canon Sureshot A1 35mm All Weather Camera Canon Sureshot Ace (35mm lens)Canon Sync Cord A for many older Canon Flashes (new)Canon T80 Camera BOX for Canon FDCanon TX Instruction Booklet, 40pgs (original)Canon Video Lens for Hi8 L1 or L2 Cameras Canon AE Power Winder FN for New F-1 (No1)Canonflex RM Camera (user classic)CAP (approx 39mm/40mm) (No 6)Cap for 200-600 Non-AI Nikkor CAP for 35mm f4 Pro-Tessar Lenses Cap for 50mm f1.4 Nikkor S.C for a Nikon Rangefinder S2 lens Cap for Bronica ETR 72mm Slip-on Cap for Canon Rangefinder 50mm Serenar (1.8?

(xerox)Cinkloc 16mm Model S3 Movie Camera circa 1936Clamp on Movie hood for compact 8mm cameras (No 77)Clamp with 1/2" Stud (No 37)Clamp-on Hood and hood cap for 50mm Elmar (No 57)Clamp-on metering fork for Early Nikon Lenses CLAMPS (Umbrella/Stands/Camera/Flash)Clarus Model MS-35 35mm camera (2497B)Clarus MS-35 with 50mm f2.8 Wollensak Coated lens Cleaning Brush for Mamiya Super 16 (w/ Mamiya Logo)Clear Plastic Bubble level with two shoes Click subminature camera case (No20)Click subminature camera case (No20)Click subminature camera case (No21)Click subminature camera case-torn strap (No19)Clip on Meter for Pentax Spotmatic Clip on Meter for Pentax Spotmatic (No 4)Clip on Meter for Pentax Spotmatic (No 5)Clip on Meter for Pentax Spotmatic (No 6)Clip on SR-1 Meter for early SR-1 Minolta Cameras Clip-on Flash Shoe for Pentax Spotmatic Clix-O-Flex TLR (68T)Closeup 32mm Slip-on Filter for Voigtlander Cameras Closeup 39" (100cm) German TLR Closeup Measuring Tape Closeup Camera Platform Model C for Retina IIIc Cameras Closeup for Leica Summitar Closeup Lens for Bolex 150 (Super 8) Titling Kit (No 48)Closeup Proximeter I for Voigtlander Vitessa and Prominent Cameras Closeup Proximeter II for Voigtlander Vitessa and Prominent Cameras Closeup R 1:3 32mm for Retina IIIc Cameras Closeup R 1:4 32mm Screw-in for Retina IIIc Camera Cloth Tape for the Binomat E Leitz New York CM/ ELM/X Split Image 42188CMC subminature camera case (No22)CMC subminature camera case (No23)CO2 Chargers for Graphic Jet Cameras Coaster Manual Flash with Pivoting Foot and Sync cord (No 31)Cobra Micro Talk (run on AAA batteries)Coins Cokin Filters (all types)Cokin Filters (all types) (these have marks and defects)Color Printing D Engdahl 128pg 1977Colored filter Set for Vivitar 283Compact 8mm Bolex Compact Camera/Lens Carrying Bag (Albinar Brand) (No 24)Compact Digital Camera Bag (Zing Brand) New (No 77)Compact Digital Camera Case SCB2 Case Logic Red New Compact Digital Camera Case SCB2 Case Logic Blue New Compact Digital Lowepro Camera Bag (No 43)Compact Flash Cards to PC adapter by San Disk Compact Flash for Vitoret 110EL (will fit any camera) with regular foot Compact Focal M-100 Manual Flash (No 19)Compact Microphone with stand (No 1)Compact Table Top Photo Studio (with tripod & 2 lights)Compact Tripod Head (No 35)Compact TRIO Card Reader for SD MMC MS and CF Cards Complete 4 Camera Business/Home Surveillance System Condenser for Kodak 860H Projectors Consul - c1955 Rare Name Variation of a Contax DContact Shoe with plugs for Hasselblad 1000F/1600F (No 1)Contaflex "The single-lens reflex camera with the greatest sale..." (xerox copy)Contaflex Cap for add on lens Contaflex Hood 1132 S60 for Early Contaflex Lenses Contaflex I (861/24) 1953-1958 (desilvered mirror) very clean Contaflex instructions for using the depth of field calculator (original booklet)Contaflex Made by Zeiss Ikon in West Germany 1954 14pgs (xerox copy)Contaflex Rubber Eyecup (new...but out of package)Contaflex Rubber Eyecup New but NO PACKAGEContaflex Strap Hood Case, new.Contaflex Super & Super B Camera Bulb Flash w/ snap in plugs Contaflex Super B (10.1272) (AS IS)Contaflex The Expert Camera for Expert Photographers 14pgs (xerox)Contarex Depth of field tables (Original)Contarex Guide, Emanual, 93pgs, Oct 1960, 1st Printing (original)Contax 167MT Camera Contax 59mm Cap Contax 70mm Soft Rubber Hood for 35mm f1.4 or 85mm f1.4Contax Aria Instructions, 258pgs (Original)Contax Body Cap Contax Button Remote Release Contax Cable Switch (new)Contax Camera Grip Contax Cameras Contax Cap 59mm Contax Drop in Filters for 500mm ML Mirror Lens Contax Flash T14 Auto Contax Flash TLA30 attachment adapter Contax IIa/IIIa Lens Board for a Kodak Minature Precision Enlarger Contax IIa/IIIa Red Dial 90 degree Sync Cord Contax Panorama Adapter PA-02Contax reloadable cassette with metal case.Accessories2x3 Anniversary Speed Graphic Case2x3 Grafmatic Film Holder2x3 Metal Focusing Panel ?(No24)2x3 Speed Graphic Body (no back)2x3 Spring Back for Minature Speed Graphic (No 11)2XEntensiontubegenericbrand Pentax SM (No33)3 Infrared Flashbulbs Household Screw in base (No 15)3 1/2 x 5 Primary White Glassed Burnes Frame3 1/2 x 5 Rosewood Octagonal Glassed Burnes Frame3 1/2" (90mm) f12,5 Exteme Wide Angle 4x5 Lens in Alphax Shutter3 1/4 x 2 1/4 GRAFLEX 1922 Roll Holder Adapted to 120 Film3 1/4 x 4" Vertical Golde Paper Latern Slide Masks (new) (No 9)3 3/4 Closeup Lens in Kodak W Filter Mount (No 51)3 Filter Cases for Early 1930's Rollei Type Cameras3 Plastic Slide Covers for Revere Stereo Slides3 Press 40 (Blue) Sylvania Flashbulbs with household base (No 17)3 Sylvania No 0 Bulbs (No 54)3" (75mm) f 3.5 Ektanar Len for Kodak Carousel (No 12)3" B&H Finder for 70 Series Cameras (No 4)3" B&H Finder for 70 Series Cameras (No 20)3" f4.5 Cine Kodak Telephoto Movie Lens in S Mount (No 8)3,5cm f3.5 Elmar (SOLD with a body over 0 ONLY)3,5cm f3.5 Elmar Cap (No 184)3.5" f6.3 Fedar Anastigmat Barrel Lens (No 7)3.5cm f2.8 Auto Miranda Lens No Arm for Miranda3.5cm f2.8 Soligar Lens with Arm for Miranda (needs cleaning)3/16" Stand Screws (No 56)3/4" f 1.6 Wollensak Projector Lens (No 10)30" Photoflex Small Umbrella (No 4)30.5mm Generic Snap Cap for Rollei 35 with f2.8 Lenses (new)30.5mm Lens Cap for Pentax 110 Lenses (N07)30.5mm Metal Cap for f2.8 Sonnar Lenses on Rollei 35 Cameras30.5mm Sky Filter for Pentax 110 Cameras (No18)30.5mm US Sunpak Filter for Rollei 35 Cameras Sonnar 40/f2.83000 MD Rokinon Dedicated for CA Min PK OM NK (No 48)300mm f2.8 ED Nikkor will fit digital300mm f4.0 SMC Pentax K Mount Lens300mm f4.5 Nikkor AIS300mm f4.5 Nikkor ED AIS300mm f5.5 Telesar for Nikon non-AI300mm f5.6 Canon Brand Lens300mm f5.6 Canon Brand Lens300mm f5.6 Tele Vivitar Preset T Mount Lens300mm f5.6 Vivitar for Canon FD30cm f4.5 Russian Brass Military Barrel Lens30mm Extension Tube Pentax Screw Mount (No1)30mm f3.5 Kiev Fisheye fits Kiev mm Kellnar .96 Eyepiece for Celestron C9030mm Red Filter Walz Brand for Argus C4 (No14)30mm Red Filter Walz Brand for Argus C4 (No14)30mm Sky Filter Walz Brand for Argus C4 (No15)310 Flash for Olympus OM2, OM2 TTL (No 10)32MB Canon Brand Compact Flash Card32MB Canon Compact Flash Card (used)32MB Kodak Compact Flash Cards (new)32mm Green Slip On Zeiss Filter32mm Retina IIIc Skylight Filter (made in Germany) (No2)32mm Skylight (for Retina IIIc)32mm slip on Yellow Filter for Retina IIIc32mm Slip-on Blue 5 with case & box for Zeiss Super Ikonta32mm UV filter (for Retina IIIc)32mm Vitomatic/Vitoret DR Slip-on Hood34mm Leica Rubber Hood 50 Elmar 135 Hektor 90 Elmar (No 39)35-100mm f3.5-4.5 Olympus clamp on Rubber Hood35-105mm 3.5-4.5 AF Nikkor35-105mm f3.5 Canon FD New Style (sl mark)35-105mm f3.5 Canon FD Lens New Style Mount35-105mm f3.5 Canon FD Lens New Style Mount35-105mm f3.5-4.5 AF Nikkor BOX35-105mm f3.5-4.5 Canon FD (New Style)35-105mm f3.5-4.5 Makinon for Pentax K35-105mm f3.5-4.5 RMC Tokina for Pentax K35-105mm f3.5-4.5 Sigma Lens for Konica35-105mm f3.5-4.5 Tokina Lens for Olympus35-105mm f3.5-4.5 Tokina Lens for Pentax Screw Mount35-105mm f3.5-4.5 Zuiko Auto-Zoom for Olympus35-105mm f3.8-4.8 Yashica DSB Zoom Lens35-135mm f3.5-4.2 Tamron Lens (adaptall 2 mount required)35-135mm f3.5-4.5 AF Nikkor w/ macro (marks glass)35-135mm f3.5-4.5 Sigma Lens for Canon EOS Film Cameras (New)35-200mm f3.5-4.2 Tamron SP Lens35-200mm f3.5-4.5 Tokina ATX for Konica35-70mm AF Olympus Lens (Autofocus)35-70mm f2.8 AF Nikkor Lens35-70mm f2.8-4.0 One Touch Sigma Zoom for Konica (New)35-70mm f2.8-4.0 Sigma Brand Lens for Konica35-70mm f3.3-4.5 AF Nikkor35-70mm f3.3-4.5 Macro AF Sigma for Yashica Cameras35-70mm f3.5 Tamron Lens (adaptall 2 mount required)35-70mm f3.5 Vario-Elmar-R35-70mm f3.5 Vivitar for Olympus35-70mm f3.5-4.5 Hexanon for Konica35-70mm f3.5-4.5 Hexanon for Konica Cameras35-70mm f3.5-4.5 RKN Lens for Pentax K35-70mm f3.5-4.5 Zuiko Lens35-70mm f3.5-4.8 Minolta MD Lens (New)35-70mm f3.5-4.8 Vivitar Lens for Pentax K35-70mm f3.5-4.8 Vivitar Lens for Pentax K Mount Cameras35-70mm f3.8-4.8 Zoom-Nikkor35-70mm f4.0 RMC Tokina Lens for Konica35-80mm f2.8-3.8 Tamron SP lens35-80mm f4-5.6 Macro for Maxxum 700035-80mm f4.0 Maxxum Zoom Lens for 5000/700035-80mm f4.0-5.6 AF Maxxum Power Zoom for 7000/9000 Cameras35-80mm f4.0-5.6 D Lens for Nikon AF35-80mm f4.0-5.6 SMC A Series Lens for Pentax K Mount35-80mm f4.0-5.6D AF Nikkor35-85mm f2.8 Vivitar Series I (Minolta MC)35-85mm f2.8 Vivitar Series I for Canon FD35-85mm f2.8 Vivitar Series I for Konica35.5mm Schneider Kreuznach Plastic Cap with logo (No 8)35/80 Finder for Retina IIIc Cameras3500i Maxxum Flash with Lumiquest Reflector357 Watch Battery35mm f 4.0 Pro-Tessar for Contaflex Cameras in Plastic Container (not shown)35mm f1.9 Vivitar Brand Lens for Konica (Very Fast)35mm f2.0 Nikkor AIS35mm f2.0D AF Nikkor BOX35mm f2.5 Canon FL Lens35mm f2.5 Nikonos Lens BOX35mm f2.5 Super-Canonmatic R lens35mm f2.8 Auto Miranda Lens with Arm in a Case for Miranda35mm f2.8 Carl Zeiss Jena Flektogon35mm f2.8 Hexanon Lens for Konica35mm f2.8 Mamiya Sekkor for the MAMIYA auto XTL Camera (bayonet mount)35mm f2.8 Mamiya Sekor F. Manual Cocking Lens (very early)35mm f2.8 Nikkor-S non-AI35mm f2.8 Nikkor-S Non-AI Lens35mm f2.8 Soligar for Miranda35mm f2.8 Vemar uncoated Exakta mount Manual Stop-down lens35mm f2.8 W.ENEL11 Battery for Cool Pix S550 S560ENEL11 generic brand Battery Charger for Coolpix S550 S560ENEL2 generic brand Battery Charger for Coolpix 2500 3500 SQENEL5 Battery for Cool Pix P3 P4 S10 P5000 3700 4200 5200 5900 7900ENEL8 Battery for Cool Pix S50 50C S7 S8 S5 S6 S7C S9 P2 P3 S1 S2 P1ENEL8 Prof Series Battery for Cool Pix S50 50C S7 S8 S5 S6 S7C S9 P2 P3 S1 S2 P1ENEL9 for Nikon D40 or D40X Cameras (new)Enlarger Lamp Enlarger Mount for Exakta Optics (No15)Enlargers Ensignette 4" long Case & 2 other Misc Cases (No5)Ensignette Case 4" tall Environment (Disposal of Chemicals) Kodak 36pg 1989EOS 1 V Camera Body Puzzel from Canon (new)EOS 10D Body and Battery (no charger)EOS 500 body EOS 700 Camera BOX for Canon EOS 850 Program Camera (Automatic only)EOS Cameras (Film)EOS ELAN Camera Body EOS Elan IIEOS Elan IIEEOS Off Camera Flash Connection Kit EOS Off-Camera Shoe Cord 2EOS Rebel Rubber Eyecup EOS remote switch RS60-E3 for Canon EOS Speedlite 430EZ with External Battery Pack (No 3)EOS standard Screen (for canon film cameras)EOS-1 Camera Body ER-D120 Energizer Nicad for Canon S50 (used)Escot Telephoto Auxillary Lens for Argus C3 (No10)ETRS Bottom Body AC Cover (new)Eumig Austria Metal Cap (No 37)Eumig C4 Regular 8mm Movie Camera European Thread Tripod Head (No 25)EX Minolta Flash Cable with Shoe for Maxxum & X series Exakta Bellows Kopil Brand (made in Japan)Exakta Bellows Kopil Brand (probably) (No16)Exakta Bellows Multiscope Brand (made in Germany)Exakta Extension Tube (N010)Exakta Extension Tube Set (Vivitar Brand) (No 35)Exakta Ihagee Dresden Extension Tube Set (No 34)Exakta IIb with 50mm f2.0 Pancolor Carl Zeiss Lens Exakta Lenses to C Mount adapter Exakta Macro Ring (Ihagee brand) (No 30)Exakta Macro Tube Heavily Chromed Made in Germany Exakta Macro Tube Set (No5)Exakta Macro Tube Set (No6)Exakta Macro Tube Set (No7)Exakta Metal Takeup Spool (No 32)Exakta Photograph by Jacob Deschin, 1st edition 1955, 192pgs Exakta Reverse Adapter (No 25)Exakta T Mount Exakta T Mount (No 24)Exakta Takeup Spool No1Exakta to Microscope adapter (No 36)Exakta VX Instructions , 56pgs, (Xerox)Exakta VX Prism (No 26)Exakta VX Waist Level Finder (No 31)Exakta VX1000 50mm f2.8 Tessar Lens Exakta VX500 Instructions, 40pgs, (xerox)Exakta Waist Level Finder Exakta Waist Level Prism No2Exakta Waist Level Prism with carrying case Exakta/Topcon Mount 3 piece Extension Tube Set Excel Projector Corp Chicago (No 21)EXPO Disc (compact gray card & for checking meter calibration)Exposure Meter Instructions for Voigtlander Vitessa (xerox copy)Exposure Times with Cine-Cameras H16 H8 L8 2pg (xerox)Extension Flash for Mendelsohn Speedguns (No 63)Extension Hood for Rolleicord or Rolleiflex Automat TLRExtension Ring for 1:4,5/200mm on VISO III (No 113)Extension Ring Telyt 200mm f4.5Extension Tube Set Aetina Brand for Canon Extension Tube Set for Miranda (No1)Extension Tube Set for Miranda (No2)Extension Tube Set Minolta Brand for Minolta SR (No 39)Extension Tube Set Pentax Brand for Pentax Screw Mount (No7)Extension Tube Set Vemar Brand for Pentax Screw Mount (No4)Extension Tube Set Vivitar Brand for Pentax Screw Mount (No8)Eye Level Finder FN for F1N electric (broken shoe)Eyecup for Mamiya 645J or 1000S Prism (generic brand)Eyecup for Miranda Cameras (No11)Eyecup for Pentax K1000 (Pentax Brand)Eyecup with screw ring for Nikon F Meter Prism (No 3)Eyecup/eyepiece (glassed) for Konica (No6)Eyecup/eyepiece for Konica AR (No4)Eyepiece 3 Diopter for Konica (No9)Eyepiece Cover for D40XEyepiece Cover for Pentax K1000Eyepiece for F/F2 Nikkormat Plus 3 Correction Lens for Blind Photographers (No 4)Eyepiece Ring No glass for Nikon FE (No8)F Nikon 105mm f4.0 Micro-Nikkor BOXF Nikon 135mm f2.8 Nikkor BOXF Nikon 35mm f2.8 Nikkor BOXF Nikon 50mm f2 BOXF/F2 Flash Sync Cord F1 Eletronic Instructions, 88 pgs F1-N Mechanical Screen A (slight dust)F4 F4S Instructions (Original)F4S Camera with Battery Booster F90x (Japan version of N90s) with Battery Booster Falcon Camera Box (68S)Falcon Minature with Alligator Case (127 film) (No 28)Family Photos 1939 - 1950 (No 12)FE/FE2 Clear Glass Eyepiece (No 29)Fed-Flash with flash (127 film) (146S)FF50 generic brand Battery Charger for Sony Camcorder and Mini DVFilm Canister (1) for Micro 16 Subminature Cameras Film Carrier for 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 Graflex Graflarger Film Cassette for a Pentax 35mm bulk film back (new)Film Cassette for Mamiya Super 16Film Cassette with "E.Leitz New York" Logo (No 56b)Film for Mamiya16 (very rare)Film Magazine 250 for Long roll Canon Film Back Film Retriever (TPS Film Picker)Film Shield bag for X-Ray Protection (used) (No 3)Film Slide Film Spool for Voigtlander Vito Cameras Filter adapter ring 14160 (E44 to Series 6 filters) (No 121)Filter Adapter Ring for 8mm Pan Cinoe Lens Filter adapter ring SOOQR for 42mm thread lenses (No 128)Filter holder attachment for Vivitar 283 Flash Filter Ring for 50mm f1.9 Lenses on Retina Reflex Cameras Filter Ring for Bolex SOM Berthiot 17-85mm f2 Pan Cinor (No 47)Filter Ring/Hood for 10mm f1.6 Switar (No 24)Filter Set for 600mm f8 Sigma Mirror Lens Filter Set for Sunpak 300 and 400 Flashes Finder Hole Cap for Kodak K100 16mm Cameras (No 40)Finder Plug for B&H 70 Series Cameras (No 98)Fish Dish by Owen (No 20)Flange Mount with Lever for Contax IIa/IIIa Lenses Flange Ring for Mounting Zeiss Contax IIa/IIIa Lenses Flash Adapter for Nikonos IIIFlash AF130P (No 51)Flash AF130P for Pentax 110 Cameras (No2)Flash Bracket for Kiev 60Flash Bracket for Nissen 4500GTE Flash (new)Flash Bracket with a SLAVE for ANY DIGITAL CAMERA (Konica)Flash Bracket with Round End Clamp (No 18)Flash Brancket for Early Miranda Cameras Flash Extension with PC fitting (No 12)Flash for Ansco Flex II TLR Camera (No 70)Flash for Brownie Flash Six-20 (124I)Flash for Brownie Flash Six-20 (Morton Brand)Flash for Minute 16 Cameras Flash Shoe Cover (for 35mm cameras) (new)Flash Shoe Extension (No 22)Flash Shoe Extension with a PC fitting (No 2)Flash Shoe for Early Contaflex Cameras New Flash Shoe for early Voigtlander Vitessa Cameras Flash Shoe for Miranda Cameras Flash Shoe for SR Minolta Cameras Flash Shoe for Voigtlander Bessamatic Cameras Flash Shoe Swivel with PC fittings (No 25)Flash Shoe with a screw fitting on the bottom (No 66)FLASH SLAVESFlash Sync (Hakosyn) for Seiki Kogaku SII (No 114)Flash/Camera Clamp for 3/8" Light Stand Mount (No 16a)FLASHBULBS(all types)Flash Fun Haweye (127 film) (No 21)Flash Fun Hawkeye Camera with case (127 film) (134I)Flash Fun II Hawkeye Camera (43I)Flash Point Red eye Retouching Pen Flat disk for a Sekonic L256D Flash Meter Flat Meter Disk for Norwood Director (No 1)Flat Meter Disk for Norwood Director (No 2)FM2 Nikon Camera BOXFM2 Technical grid screen (3/4" mark)FM55H Battery for Sony Apha DLSR: A100 A100H A100K A100kit1FNP40 generic brand Battery Charger for Fuji..... Focabell-S For Miranda Cameras Focal Flash 320 BS (No 62)Focusing Barrel for the Bronica S2 75mm lens (No 7)Focusing Hood for 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 Graphic Cameras (no 4)Focusing Knob Adapter DSM for Mamiya RB67Focusing Knob for Hasselblad Focusing Screen C for Canon Mechanical F1N Cameras Focusing Screen D (Technical Grid)Focusing Screen tweezers Folding Flash Bracket (No 29)Folding Flash Bracket (No 35)Folding Flash Bracket (No 72)Folding Flash Bracket (No33)Folding Hood for 50mm or 65mm RB67 Mamiya Lenses(also 45mm M645 lenses)Folding hood for 5cm f2.0 Summitar (No 191)Folding Paper Stereo Realist Viewer (Disposable)FOX folding loupe FR 16mm Slide Viewer Lighted (battery operated)From Household to Press Bulb Adapter (LONG NECK) (No 42)From Household to Press Bulb Adapter (SHORT NECK) (No 41)From Press bulb base to baseless bulb adapter (No 44)Front Grip for Canon AE-1 or AE-1PFT Nikkormat Body FT2 Nikkormat Body FTb Canon Instructions, 47 pgs Fuji Fuji Compact AA Nicad Charger BC-NH (for charging 2 AA's)Fuji Charger for NP40N Batteries w/ cord Fuji DVC DVM60 Digital Video Cassette Mini DV Tape (new)Fuji Fine Pix A210 3.2MP Digital Camera (No 2)Fuji Finepix 2650 Digital Camera Outfit (2 MP)Fuji NP-120 Battery for Fuji F10 Camera (new)Fuji Panorama Adapter DL-1000 (for 35mm)Fujica (bayonet style) T mount (new) (No 5)Fujica AX (bayonet mount) Tamron Adaptall 2 Mount (No 7)Fujica AX-1w/ 55mm f1.6 X-Fujinon Fujica Screw Mount Tamron Adaptall 2 Mount (No 4A)Fujica Screw Mount Tamron Adaptall 2 Mount (No 4)Fujica ST Reversing Ring (new)Fujifilm CD-R 24min 210MB (new)Fujifilm DVD-R 30min 1.4GB up to 4X in jewel case Function Card for 5000i/7000i/8000i Maxxum Cameras FX-D Yashica Instructions, 90 pgs GE Incident Light Multiplying Mask Cat.415X5GE Mascot Meter PR-35 (No 2)Generator Flash (uses NO batteries)Generator Magnoflash Flash for press bulbs (AS IS) (No 6)Generic Auto Winder for Nikon EM FG FG20Generic Bulb Flash (accepts house style sync cords) (No 66)Generic Eyecup for Round Eyepiece Konica Cameras (No5)Generic Eyepiece (No 6)Generic Focusing Eyepiece (No 5)Generic Light ????(No 5)Generic Stereo Viewer for 35mm Stereo Slides Generic Subminature camera box for HIT type cameras (No1)Generic Subminature camera box for HIT type cameras (No2)Generic subminature camera case-no logo (No16)Generic Telephoto Flash Attachment Generic Zeiss Contax Spool (unmarked no logo)German 8X Loupe German Extension Flash Shoe German Rollei 35 Camera w/ 40mm Carl Zeiss Tessar (overhauled)Getting to the Top in Photography Amphoto 128pg 1984Gitzo Monopod Gitzo Quick Release for Large Format Cameras on any tripod Gitzo Tripod Head (No 2)Glass Prism for Kiev 60Glass Prism for M645 J or 1000S etc. (No 3)Glass Prism for Mamiya 645 Pro Goes From Household Base Bulbs to Flashlight Bulbs (No 40)Golden Richo Cap Gossen Luna Pro Densitometer Attachment Graflarger Cold Light Back for 2x3 Graphic Cameras Graflex 2 Cell Flash (No 61)Graflex 3 Cell (4 Cell very rare) Flash with Flash Bracket (No 76)Graflex Back Frame for Graphic 4x5 Cameras (No4)GRAFLEX Flash Bracket for 2x3 Press Cameras (No 15)Graflex Flash Bracket for Graflex Handle Style Flashes Graflex No 2 Solenoid for Press Cameras Graflex Solenoid with camera mount and top hook Graflite JR 2 Cell Flash Handle for Household Bulbs (No 33)Graflite Jr 3 Cell Flash w/ Reflector for Press Bulbs (No 29)Grafmatic 4x5 Film Holder for parts (No21)Grafmatic Film Holder for 4x5 for Parts (No 22)GRALAB Timer Graphic 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 Focusing Hood New (No 1)Graphic 2x3 Camera Board (No 23)Graphic and Linhof Press Camera Guide, 127pgs, 1961 (Original)Graphic Design Career J Craig 159pg 1983Graphic Flash Clamp Set (No 17)Graphic Flash Handle Battery Cap Graphic Flash Handle Top for Press Flashbulbs (No 57)Graphic Flash with Bulb and Sync Cord (No65)Graphic Flash with solenoid and bipost sync cords Graphic Glass Finder for 2x3 or 4x5 Camera with Mount hardware Graphic Jet 35mm Rangefinder Camera (user classic camera)Graphic RH8 for 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 on 4x5 Cameras (No13)Graphic Roll Holder 12 for 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 Pics on 4x5 Graphic (No6)Graphic Roll Holder Instructions, 4pgs (Xerox copy)Graphic Slip in finder masks for 2x3 or 4x5 Press Cameras Graphic Solenoid to Household Cord Long Graphic Style Flash Clamp (1 only) (No 21)Graphic Style Flash Mount (No 22)Graphic View II 4x4" View Camera Lens Board (No 5)Graphic View II Lens Board (No 22)Graphic XL Sports Finder for 100mm with 120 or 220 Film Gray Cap for older chrome Hasselblad 60mm f5.6 Distagon Gray Wooden Lens Board 7 1/2 x 7 1/2" (3 3/4" hole) (No 4)Green 2 49mm Voigtlander filter with INSIDE screw on threads Green 32mm Screw-in Filter for Retina IIIc Cameras Green Translucent Silver/Black Accent Bowl (No 9)Green with Black highlights Bowl (No 10)Grip Clamp (No 10)Grip Clamp Set (four clamps) (No 11)Griswold Jr Model 8/16mm Cast Iron Splicer (No 12)Groschuupp Made in germany Large Ball Head (No 8)Ground Glass Focusing Loupe H 12.5mm Eyepiece (No 12)H 16 Reflex Instruction Manual 48pg (xerox)H16 Camera Reflex Finder (No 45)H16 REX Camera Instructions 48pg (xerox)Hakuba Blower Brush DXM (new)Hakuba Large Blower Brush DXL (new)Hand Strap with leather Grip Pad for Mamiya J or 1000S bodies Handle with bottom quick release (No 11)Hanimex Manual/Auto Zoom Flash (No 43)Hanimex X324 Flash with built in sync cord (No 34)Hansa Timer for Leica Cameras (Japan) (No 33)Happy subminature camera case Hard Case for Super 8 Movie Cameras (Bolex brand) (No 20)Harrison and Harrison Coirrector Disc No C4 for 8mm (No 79)Harrison Color Attachment (for Red and Blue color correcting filters) (No 1)Harrison Color Attachment Meter with 5 Correction Filters (No 2)Harrison Duraline Gelatine Filter Set for Color Control (No 59)Harrison Exposure & Color Temp Attachment for Weston Master (No 3)Hasselblad 1000F/1600F Pamphlet 5 panel fold out 1980 (xerox)Hasselblad 1949 - 1974 25th Anniv 24 pgs (xerox copy)Hasselblad 500C Advance Knob Hasselblad 500C Camera Body very nice (overhauled)Hasselblad 500C Instructions (Original)Hasselblad 500C SWC 500EL Dealer Catalog (Xerox Copy)Hasselblad 500C/M 1984 foldout brochure (xerox copy)Hasselblad 500C/M SWC 500EL/M Dealer Catalog (Xerox Copy)Hasselblad 500C/M SWC 500EL/M Dealer Catalog (Xerox Copy)Hasselblad 500C/M SWC 500EL/M Dealer Catalog (Original booklet)Hasselblad 500C/M SWC 500EL/M Dealer Catalog (Original Catalog)Hasselblad 500C/M SWC 550EL/M Catalog (Xerox Copy)Hasselblad 500C/M SWC/M 500EL/M 2000FC Catalog (Xerox Copy)Hasselblad 500C/M SWC/M 500EL/M 2000FC Catalog (Xerox Copy)Hasselblad 500C/M SWC/M 500EL/M 2000FC Catalog (Xerox Copy)Hasselblad A12 Back 1975 (No 11)Hasselblad Close-up Photography Booklet 19 pgs (Xerox Copy)Hasselblad Copying Techniques Booklet 19 pgs (Xerox Copy)Hasselblad Dealer Catalog covers 1000F Only (xerox)Hasselblad Dealera Catalog 1958 13 pgs (xerox)Hasselblad Flash Extension Arm.Rokkor-HG for SR7 Minolta35mm f3.4 Color-Ambion for Agfaflex III IV & V in plastic case35mm f3.5 S. Canon Brand Chrome Ring FD Mount35mm f3.5 SMC Takumar35mm f3.5 Super Takumar35mm f3.5 Super Takumar35mm f3.5 Trimex for Pentax Screw Mount35mm f4 Carl Zeiss Pro-Tessar Lens35mm f4 Heligon Lens for Retina BIG C cameras35mm f4 Lens for Retina III Big C35mm f4.5 Cintagon Lens for Argus C44 (No8)35mm f4.5 Steinheil Munchen Culmigon35mm f5.6 Retina Curtar-Xenon-C (for Retina IIIc)35mm f5.6 Xenon C for Retina IIIc Cameras w/ box and bubble35mm f5.6Screw in Nikkorex-Wide 356xxx NEW case & boxed35mm Flash Bracket (No 61)35mm KOBOLD German Flash with PC cord (No 15)35mm Lyon Flash with folding Fan and PC cord (No 16a)35mm Sea and Sea Marine finder35mm Soft Release(new)36-72mm f3.5 E Series Nikon Zoom AIS36-72mm f3.5 Nikon AIS360FXZ Flash for Maxxum 3000i 5000i 7000i 8000i 7xi (new) (No 16)360FXZ Nissin Flash for Canon EOS ('new') (No 11)360mm f6.3 RB67 Lens364 Watch Battery36mm Black Cap for Elmar Circa 1945 (No 69)36mm Cap for Elmar 50mm f3.5 (No 175)36mm Cap for Leica Elmar or Summron (No 70)36mm Leica Cap for Elmar or Summaron (No 71)36mm Leica Cap for Elmar or Summaron (No 72)36mm Skylight #66445 (No 190)37.5mm Cap for Pentax 110 Lenses (No8)37.5mm Closeup T43 for Pentax 110 Lenses (No12)37.5mm Closeup T86 for Pentax 110 Lenses (No11)37.5mm Kalt Sky (fits 50mm f2.8 Pentax 110 lens) (No 45)37.5mm Rubber Hood for Pentax 110 Lenses37.5mm Skylihgt Filter for Pentax 110 Lenses (No10)37.5mm UV filter for Pentax 110 Lenses (No9)370/371 Excell Watch Battery37mm Canon Special Effects Filter Set for Digital Cameras37mm Closeup Filter Set ( 1, 2, 4 )37mm Green No 10 Slip-on Filter for Zeiss Super Ikonta37mm Retinar 2.0X Telephoto Lens for Easy Share Cameras37mm Slip-on 0.67X Zeiss Proxar for Super Ikonta Cameras37mm Slip-On Distarlinse 3/III Carl Zeiss Jena37mm Slip-on Plastic Leica Cap (No 75)37mm slip-on Yellow/Green Super Ikonta Filter37mm Slip-on Zeiss Jena X1.5 Closeup for Zeiss Super Ikonta37mm Zeiss Green Slip on Filter38" White Starfish Style Umbrella (No 3)38-100 Tamron f3.5 for Leicaflex SL NEW UNUSED38-90mm f3.5 Sun Macro Zoom38-95mm f3,5 TMC Zoom for Pentax Screw Mount389 Watch Battery38mm f2.5 Kodak Anastigmat Movie Lens in S Mount (No 6)392 Watch Battery39mm Filter 056 for Nikon Long Lenses39mm Filter A12 for Nikon Long Lenses39mm Filter B2 for Nikon Long Lenses39mm Filter ND 2X for Nikon Long Lenses39mm Filter ND 4X for Nikon Long Lenses39mm Filter Y52 for Nikon Long Lenses39mm Hoya NDx4 Filter fits Summicron (No 104)39mm Screw in Cap (Walz brand) for Summicron (No 78)3X Auto Teleplus Tripler for Minolta MC(No10)3X Automatic Tripler APS Varimirax Brand for Pentax SM (No34)3X Automatic Tripler Soligar Brand for Pentax SM (No19)3X Barlow Lens (No 19)3X NT Teleplus Tripler for Non-AI Nikon3X Samigon Tripler for Nikon AI Cameras3X Sear 4 element Converter for Minolta MD (No 37)3X Soligar Tripler for Nikon Non-AI Cameras3X Tripler Soligar Brand with Arm for Miranda3X Tripler Vemar Brand No Arm for Miranda3X Vivitar Auto Doubler for Olympus3X Vivitar Brand Tripler 7 lens elements for Konica Cameras3X Vivitar Tripler for Pentax Screw Mount (No 37)4 Press 11 GE screw in household base (No 19)4 1/2" f6.3 Zeiss Kodak Anastigmat Coated Barrel Lens (No 3)4 AA Sunpak 2650mah High Capacity Nicads for Digitial Cameras4 AA's Uniross 2000mah Nicads for digital cameras4 AA's Uniross 2300 mah Nicads high capacity for digital cameras4 AAA Varta Batteries (Dated 2012)4 GB Compact Flash Dane Elec Card (New)4 GE 22B Household Base Flashbulbs (No 52)4 GE Blue Press base style flashbulbs (No 6)4 GE Clear Press base style flashbulbs (No 5)4 GE Infrared Press Flashbulbs (for Infrared Night Photos) (No 4)4 GE No11 Clear Household Base Screw in Flashbulbs (No 7)4 GE No22 Blue Household Screw in Flashbulbs (No 55)4 GE No22 Clear Household Screw in Flashbulbs (No 9)4 MB Kodak Compact Flash Card (used)4 Press 40B Sylvania Flashbulbs with household base (No 18)4 Sylvania Clear M2 M style base Flashbulbs (No 13)4 to 6" f3.5 Zoom Ektanar C Projection Lens (No 3)4 to 6" f3.5 Zoom Ektanar C Projection Lens (No 5)4 Ultralast Nickel Metal Hydride 2100 m Ah Batteries and a charger (new)4 Westinghouse No 11 Household Screw in base Flashbulbs (No 8)4" (100mm) Sawyer Projector Lens4" (100mm) Sawyer Projector Lens4" (101mm) f 3.5 Ektanar Len for Kodak Carousel (No 11)4" (101mm) f 3.5 Ektanar Len for Kodak Carousel (No 13)4" B&H Finder for 70 Series Cameras (No 19)4" B&H Finder for 70 Series Cameras (No 3)4" f4.5 Telate B&H Co.Chicago C mount Telephoto (No33)4-6" Zoom to fit Sawyer Projectors (slight haze inside) works fine40" RPS White Studio Umbrella (new) (No 5)40.5mm Nikkor Cap for Nikkor Enlarging Lenses (No 13)40.5mm Polarizer to fit Zeiss Contax4000 AF Flash for Maxxum 7000/9000 (No 8)4000 AF Flash for Maxxum 7000/9000 (No 9)400mm f3.5 AIS ED Nikkor with cap and case400mm f4.0 Sport Fern Kilar for Mamiya M645 Cameras400mm f6.3 Spiratone T Mount Lens (fits any camera)400mm f6.3 Tele-Lentar Preset Lens (T mounts)41mm Cap for Leica Summicron (No 73)41mm Cap for Leica Summicron (No 74)41mm Cap Large Diameter for Bessmatic Lenses41mm Screw in Voigtlander Closeup Lens for Bessematic41mm Slip-on Voigtlander 1 Closeup Filter41mm Slipon Zeiss Jena 2 Closeup "Distar2"42" 8 Section Compact Tripod42-75mm f3.5-4.5 Yashica Brand Zoom Lens42.5mm Green 2 Slip-on Zeiss Ikon Filter42mm Contax Slip on filter for IIa/IIIa42mm Orange Slip on Contax IIa/IIIa filter42mm slip on Contax IIa/IIIa Filter42mm slip-on Light Green Filter for Contax IIa/IIIa (sl. 1980Ambico Auto/Manual Flash for Nikon EM FE or FM (No 43)Ambico Bag (No 82)Ansco Cadet (126 film) (149I)Ansco Cadet (127 film) (27I)Ansco Cadet III w/ flash (127 film) (136I)Ansco Color Clipper (120 film) (145S)Ansco Flash with PC cord for Press Bulbs (No 2)Ansco Pioneer (616 film) (47S)Ansco Pioneer (620 film) (56S)Ansco Readyflash (620 film) (No 6)Ansco Readyflash (620 film) (83I)Ansco Ready Flash Camera (620 film) (137I)Ansco Rediflex TLR (620 film) (22T)Ansco Rediflex TLR (620 film) (26T)Ansco Rediflex TLR (620 film) (60T)Ansco Vagabond (127 film) (79I)Anscoflex II TLR with flash (620 film) (52T)Antique and Classic Still Cameras 7th Ed 1990-1991AO Stereo Hand Glass Ape Compact Camera Bag (No 29)Apple Quick Take 100 Digital Camera Magic Lantern Guide Argus 35mm Metal Bound Slide Mounts (about 30 total) (No 11)Argus bulb flash (probably for Argus 75 cameras) (No 58)Argus Bulb Flash for M Base Flashbulbs (No 78)Argus C3 Bulb Flash (No 68)Argus Fan Flash for M base bulbs (no capacitor) (No 47)Argus Fan Flash for Press base bulbs (No 48)Argus Flash for Press Bulbs (No 12)Argus Metal Slide Trays (3) with metal slide frames Argus Remote Control Cord Argus Seventy Five TLR (620 film) (23T)Argus Super Seventy-Five TLR (620 film) (90T)Asahi Pentax Brand Screw Mount Bellows Unit Asahi Pentax Macro Focusing Stage Asco 127 Ready Flash w/ flash (127 film) (49I)Aster Fan Flash Gun Auto 118X Flash for Minolta XG (will work for X series) (No 9)Auto 118X Flash for Minolta XG (will work with X series) (No 8)Auto 132X Flash for Minolta XG (will work for X series) (No 16)Auto 200X Flash for Minolta XG (will fit X Series) (No 12)Auto 200X Flash for Minolta XG (will fit X Series) (No 20)Auto 200X Flash for Minolta XG (will work with X series) (No 11)Auto 220X Flash for Minolta XG (will work with X Series) (No 13)Auto 25 Flash for Minolta SRT (No5)Auto 25 Minolta Flash (for SRT cameras) (No 19)Auto 30FX Flash for Minolta XG (will work on X series) (No 6)Auto 310 Olympus Flash (for Shoe 2)Auto 310 Olympus Remote Sensor Auto 32 Flash for Minolta SRT (No 7)Auto Flash 220X for Minolta X Series Cameras (new) (No 21)Auto Focus 70-210mm f3.5-4.5 Zoom Lens for OM 77 Cameras etc.

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