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They refused and before leaving he touched one of them with a fur-covered hand.Dragoons arriving on the scene warned the terrified women not to go into the wood, because La Bête had just been seen there.A greater depth of information than has previously been available in English on her career is therefore offered - all based on recorded facts and including no fiction.The French rightly claim their wine and this mystery as the world's best. For wine the price is only money and a headache but the price for La Bête's is never again to feel quite safe walking alone in a sunny country lane.Antoine as Le Loup de Chazes on 21st September 1765 but was seen at Marsillac on 26th, 27th and 28th of that month.She started a new two year killing career on 21st December, the shortest day of the year and a long Silent Night for little Agnes Mourges.The winter wind hid a very sharp bite indeed, and that Christmas cost Agnes more than the usual arm and a leg:- 'insufficient remains for burial' - not enough to fill even a small stocking.La Bête had herself a merry little Christmas and stopped the carol singers from making their usual killing because nobody dared open doors barricaded against her.

The Chastels might have got away with it had they not threatened him with a gun when he complained.She paid for her bravery by losing face, throat and life.There was the mysterious case of the three women of Pompeyrac, going to church near the wood of Favart, when a dark man offered to escort them through the wood.One typical attack occurred at dusk - locally called 'the hour between dog and wolf' - on 6th September 1764 at Estrets.A woman was tending her humble cottage garden amongst her garden shed when La Bête seized her by the throat, beginning with her usual apéritif of blood - sucked, not stirred - and did not cease until neighbors armed with axes, sickles and forks arrived.His first thought could well have been it was one of the farm dogs coming for a fuss but it proved to be La Bête coming for his blood.He managed to fight her off with his scythe but on arriving home was unable to speak for four hours, being paralysed with terror.The King - Louis XV - took a personal interest, partly because she caused unrest in an area of tension and potential revolution. - were put forward at the time and during the two centuries since but none has ever been generally accepted.The important firm fact is that sufficient evidence remains to prove La Bête really did exist and was not just a myth.Among all the popular monster mysteries she was unique - she left behind one hundred bodies proving herself real and guilty beyond doubt.This article gives a balanced view on La Bête, about whom surprisingly little has been written outside France, where she remains a household name to respect or ridicule, according to choice. The true tale of La Bête du Gévaudan is like a Shakespeare play, loving a plain woman or being a member of parliament - the more you put in the more there is to take away.

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