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) and can provide good, creative ways to spice up your love life Con: Encourages paralysis by analysis, which is already a problem that afflicts many women.

Con: Some of it is pure snake oil, some of it is unethical, and some of it is borderline illegal. But, at the same time, if you fail to exercise caution and keep a clear perspective of who you are and what you want from life, "the Community" WILL turn you from well-adjusted to maladjusted, and from maladjusted to a psycho concerned only with DHV: "demonstrating higher value" (acting like a douchebag) and SNL: "same night lays." Essentially, there is absolutely no guarantee that anything you learn there will actually make you happier and more fulfilled. On the other side of the fence, dating advice for women can also be broken down in to 3:1) the mainstream: Cosmo, and any other girl mags, pretty much Pro: Get you thinking about sex (That's a plus!

She uncovers which buttons to press in order for a woman to get what she wants from a man, and that's pretty scary to me.

I suspect that's exactly how women see the 3rd category of dating advice for men, that I just described above. What I'm more curious to find out though, is whether a relationship will turn into a mental and emotional UFC matchup if both people choose to draw from these principle when communicating with one another.

Last time I checked my privates were still firmly attached to my body, thankfully)Con: Not to be taken seriously. Don't be a female equivalent of guys who think internet porn accurately portrays real sex.3) THIS: I haven't quite been able to find a good name for this category of dating advice, because I'm still a bit slack-jawed after reading some of the recommendations made by this lady.

Now, what she's suggesting makes good, solid, scientific sense, but that's exactly the reason why, as a man, I find them so flabbergasting.

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