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And then there's the momentum, even ramming at a few tens of meters per second could create enough force for the people in at least one of the ships to slam into the walls at speeds high enough to kill or injure them.Though interestingly when one of the ships weighs a lot more than the other the people in the bigger ship might only be knocked off their feet, so for a bigger ship ramming into a much smaller one at 10-30 m/s could be a great tactic for taking out enemy crews while leaving both ships intact...

You are matched live at the event to your dates and find each other via your smart phones.

Most spaceships are far heavier, and can go far faster.

An object traveling at 3 km/sec does damage equal to its own weight in TNTAmong hard SF enthusiasts, this is known as Rick Robinson's Law of Space Combat.

Even then, battleships continued to be built with bows designed for ramming for many years after the tactic ceased to be relevant.

In fact, in the early years of ironclad battleships, their armor was so effective against the relatively primitive guns of the era that ramming was seen as the only viable tactic against an ironclad.

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