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Online dating is all about first impressions, from that feeling she gets when she looks at your photos to how she reacts to the first sentence in your profile.

If your first paragraph doesn’t intrigue her, you’re doomed.

Look at it this way – if she’s wavering between swiping right or left based on your photos, your bio becomes the tie-breaker.

And the vast majority of women will take a peek at it before messaging you back, so why waste an opportunity to connect with her?

Making yourself sound irresistible in a dating profile isn’t easy.

Most guys develop a terminal case of writer’s block when it comes to writing a successful dating profile, but the most attractive local women expect a masterpiece.

Next up is an example that will work on or Plenty Of Fish, and then one for Ok Cupid.

Because this bio is more show than tell, it doesn’t sound douchey or braggy at all. Compare the example above to just writing something like “” Same info, but the only reaction you’re getting is a bunch of these: Zzzzzzzzzz.When your profile sucks, the only thing filling up your inbox is a sense of despair.If you want high-quality matches, you need a magnetically attractive profile to do the heavy lifting for you.That’s why a lot of guys just like you hire a professional writer to do it for them.If you don’t have an online dating expert standing by to deliver a 100% custom written profile just for you, we’ve got the next best thing: inspiration in the form of 4 examples of the best online dating profiles for men.” An “ehh” profile gets you dates with “ehh” women, and that’s if you’re lucky.Successful dating profiles all have one thing in common: they’re intriguing.If you don’t catch her attention from the very first sentence, she’s skipping on to the next guy. You’re selling yourself, and if she gets bored she’ll change the channel.We’ve included a short dating profile example that’s perfect for a dating app like Tinder or Bumble, where profiles are 500 characters or less.We’ll even throw in an online dating profile template you can adapt for just about any dating site.We know exactly what works and what doesn’t when it comes to attracting the most beautiful local girls. Get ready for your inbox to start filling up with messages from interested women!When it comes to writing dating profiles for an app, short does not equal easy.

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