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I turned on the TV at noon Wednesday to see how Baltimore stations handled what I was thinking of as fluff: the arrival of the first ships for the Star-Spangled Sailabration.I came away instead impressed with the performance of Baltimore’s top two...Inside the Baltimore City Archives warehouse, Siobhan Hagan sorts through a wooden crate filled with old film canisters. There was no doubt about which Baltimore station was the one to turn to in the immediate wake of the CSX train derailment Tuesday afternoon in Baltimore County.It’s a small part of the archives of WJZ television — thousands of reels of film and videotapes from broadcasts dating back... For the first 10 minutes or so, WBAL-TV, the Hearst-owned NBC affiliate, was the only station...The rule prohibited these stations from accepting network programming for that particular time slot.“Evening Magazine” was one of the first television shows to begin the trend of shooting on videotape rather than 16mm film.The production called for the local hosts to have on-location wraparounds (a narrative bridge between segments in a program) and to tell short stories about ordinary and everyday people.

They would take these stories and create a weekly “national reel” for stations to run in local markets.

“Evening Magazine” Inventory (“PM Magazine” inventory is found here): (Please keep in mind that the below are transcriptions of the tape labels, so they may be inaccurate or use outdated and/or offensive language.

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Coverage of a shooting Saturday morning at the Mall in Columbia that left three dead put those promises to the test in a major way. Katie Couric’s visit last week to Baltimore’s WMAR proved at least one thing: She is serious about making her new daytime talk show, “Katie,” a winner.

She did not do such intense promotion in the summer of 2006 even when she was about to debut as...

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