Trouble updating windows media player

Or you can demand your money back if you’ve paid for the upgrade. added: “In many cases, if the faulty digital content damages your device or other digital content, you can have these repaired or be compensated.” One woman successfully sued the Microsoft for £7,000 over the updates.

I have also run the trouble shooter and it says the Windows Media Player is "Corrupted" but it does not offer a solution or a fix.But the potential for issues relating to Windows 10 itself still remains.Here’s what to do about five of the most commonly reported problems…Please join our friendly community by clicking the button below - it only takes a few seconds and is totally free.You'll be able to ask questions about Windows 10 or chat with the community and help others.As the player uses heavy system resources for that, it gets slowed down constantly. Welcome to the Windows 10 Forums where you can ask questions or find answers on anything related to the new operating system from Microsoft.READ MORE: DESPERATE TIMES Microsoft offering FREE Dell laptops to users if its techies don’t finish Windows 10 upgrades on time PADS, PENS AND ... Parents’ anger at being asked to pay for new tablet computers for their kids in state schools GADGETS A FAT LOT OF GOOD Fitness tracker wristbands can make the wearers FATTER, new research finds DVD player stopped working after updating?That’s because the company didn’t include a media player in the new software.For the past few weeks, I am having trouble with the Windows Media Player installed on my PC recently.It is updating the media library constantly without any prompt.

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