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Well here it is, the official thread for Real World Chronicles (and my other mods).

There will be one thread which will be updated as and when releases occur so make sure to check it out in January, April, July & September to see if there is an update!

Title histories are done by I listen to people who give polite, constructive criticism, and change things people find wrong, or explain my reasons for giving certain stats to certain people. A: Currently I am not taking any requests as I have limitations on my time.

If a promotion you want isn't in the data, it's purely because I don't know enough about it to do it justice and not because I can't be bothered. Q: I notice there are inactive promotions such as WCW and ECW in the data. A: Chronicles started out as a mod that would highlight the past as well as the present.

Driving to work, a route I know well, I used to have ZERO dropouts. Four friend/family are also reporting the same issue. Are we switched over to poor reception XM satellites/terrestrial repeater? After I added sirius premiere I noticed it displayed as inactive. If you live in Newfoundland and have Sirius, cancel your subscription. If you tried or have xm in Newfoundland you know it sucks. Location in relation to the satellite I have a Sirius spotser replay 5 plug and play I use it in my home and car now my home I have never seen it go out the. Night the next morning it was back on and had the update and ever since then it's been cutting out when I drive down the road where it has never cut out befor and this is on a road with lots of tree covering the signal I live in West Virginia and love my Sirius radio but hate the signal drop outs.

It drops out oh, I dunno, 10-15 times in areas that I have exceptional views of the sky.

The picture pack is a recoloured version of the Red Blast background that Dave_Scott made.

I do this data for myself so if you don't like playing it or find it too difficult/easy then please download another mod you would be happier using. The same reason you will see WRP and Lucha USA as closed promotions in the game.

They have had a recent amount of increased success due to their annual 16 Carat Gold Tournament with the recent increase in popularity in Europe and other parts of the world i hope you'd consider adding them eventually.

Cheers EDIT: Also if you haven't already Kota Ibushi's starting injury should be gone For your pictures, are you doing them with background, or trying out the blank gif?

Anything you want fixed or updated you will need to do yourself).

July 20 April 2017 March 2017 February 2017 January 2017 December 2016 November 2016 October 2016 September 2016 August 2016 July 2016 "Does 4.0 mean there will be new stuff?

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