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Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs starts at the basic physiological needs we need just to stay alive.

Once these are made we have a need for safety, then we want love and affection. Finally we have a need of satisfying our full potential that Maslow calls Self Actualization.

(self respect, personal worth, autonomy) On this level, people act from their ego needs.

They value the options of others, in order to believe in themselves.

It is a matter of self-respect through respect from others.

Those who worry about small things, such as drinking out of plastic glasses have strong security needs.

They had a sense of what was true beyond their culture, and were highly resistant to enculturalization and thus enjoyed being themselves and did not worried about fitting in. ================================================================================= Some Thoughts About Maslow Modification of Maslow's Hierarchy In the comparison table earlier presented, the 7th Chakra, the Crown Chakra does not have any correspondence in Maslow's Hierarchy.

Their humor was never a threat, and they often were the brunt of their own jokes. In strongly spiritual and religious people, this is a very important need. Perhaps we could add a 6th level beyond Self Actualization and call it "Spiritual." A Modified Maslow Hierarchy In the chart below we compare Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs with the Seven Chakras from Eastern Psychology and tradition and with the three ego of states of Transactional Analysis (TA) created by Eric Berne. Its main function is to show that there is a correspondence between levels in the Maslow's Hierarchy and the different Chakras and TA ego states.

People with lack of shelter, clothing, food focus on these needs. We compare this reference to the situation at hand.

People often neglect some of these basic needs in normal life when they eat junk food, go without sleep, don't exercise, or do not simulate their minds. For instance is something reflecting unity, perfection, richness and honesty?

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