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Arizona does not observe Daylight Saving Time (DST) from March through November each year, so for half the year, the time in Phoenix, Flagstaff, and other cities in Arizona will be different than other places in the Mountain Standard Time (MST) zone.Put another way, from March through November during DST, the time in Arizona is the same as that of California's Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) zone.Specify the as follows: data stored in the database is normalized to the database time zone, and the time zone offset is not stored as part of the column data.

The time zone offset is the difference (in hours and minutes) between local time and UTC (Coordinated Universal Time, formerly Greenwich Mean Time).Because this is always a local time it is then not needed to store the timezone part. The data types because it stores time zone information.The data type when the datetime value represents a future local time or the time zone information must be recorded with the value. The future local time may need to be adjusted if the time zone definition, such as daylight saving rule, changes. The time zone is stored as a time zone region name or as an offset from UTC.Whether you're visiting Phoenix or Flagstaff, knowing how you'll need to reset your watch when you arrive in Arizona will help you stay on time during your trip.However, keep in mind that if you're visiting the southern Navajo Nation, it does observe Daylight Savings Time.After the rows are deleted, they are replaced along with new rows by a single insert operation from the staging table.Use this method if all of the following are true: If any of these criteria do not apply, use Merge Method 2: Specifying a column list, described in the following section.Oracle Database datetime and interval data types and time zone support make it possible to store consistent information about the time of events and transactions. Both datetimes and intervals are made up of fields.The values of these fields determine the value of the data type.If you specify a date value without a time component, then the default time is midnight.If you specify a date value without a date, then the default date is the first day of the current month.

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