Updating xbox xbmc

The PAPlayer supports more codecs than MPlayer, and is therefore the default audio playback 'core'.

Some file formats that don't work with MPlayer play with PAPlayer and there are less bugs (e.g.

It also has a skinnable and user-configurable interface and plugin support.

The software was forked from the XBMC project (now known as Kodi and formerly known as Xbox Media Player) after XBMC removed support for the Xbox console.

The source code for XBMC4Xbox is mostly updated on a daily basis by developers in a public subversion repository.

This is a description of the unique features and functions of the XBMC4Xbox fork for the Xbox that are not available or different in the original XBMC software from which it was forked: XBMC4Xbox has a "My Programs" section which functions as a replacement dashboard to launch Xbox games (retail and homebrew) and applications/emulator directly off the Xbox built-in harddrive, all from a GUI with thumbnail and list options.

XBMC4Xbox can run trainers with the following file extensions: *. XBTF XBMC4Xbox can be used to play/view all common multimedia formats.

However, it cannot playback most native 720p and 1080p video files due to Xbox hardware limitations.

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