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These events cannot be cleanly sorted into “good” or “bad” events as they all move and effect one another in a complicated knot.The pleasures of today are shadowed by the pain of yesterday, actively molding the artist in new forms under the weight of emotion.Her personal life has changed too, drastically, since announcing a hiatus in 2010 — her first extended break from music, really, since the release of her record-breaking debut at 16 years old, 1999’s .In the time between then and now, she found love in a semi-hopeless place with an Italian bartender, whom she met at a London hotel bar.As Distance took the sound of First Love and contextualized it with more complicated melodies, Ultra Blue ripped the harsh electronics of Exodus and applied them to the delicate, nuanced songwriting of Deep River.With Fantôme, she has not so much as morphed as she has expanded, seven years of life pushing her artistic character into new if not familiar territories.Love is as fleeting as life, she suggests, easily present one day and then vanished the next.It’s the intelligent duality of lines like this that make Utada’s sixth album as stunning as it is, capable of underlining one emotion with the implications of another.

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floating just beneath the waves of “Ningyo” (“Mermaid”), in the ambient haze of “Boukyaku” (“Forgotten”), and the somber piano melodies of “Manatsu No Tooriame” (“Midsummer Shower”). Much has changed within the pop scene since 2008, which is the last time Utada Hikaru released a studio album in Japan.

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(“Hotel Lobby” never resonated so strongly.) The two married in Italy in 2014, and gave birth to a baby boy last summer.

But before that happiness, a horrifying loss: Utada’s mother, enka singer Keiko Fuji, leapt to her death from her apartment building in 2013.

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