Validating data in datagridview

One of the most common scenarios in application development is to display data on a form in a Windows application, edit the data, and send the updated data back to the database.This walkthrough creates a simple form that displays data from a single table in individual controls.Graphical XML editing and validation tool XMLFox Advance is XML/XSD editor for creating valid well-formed XML documents and/or XSD Schema.XMLFox Advance XML/XSD editor is the Windows based graphical tool for authoring, updating, exploring, well-formedness checking or validating XML documents.Because the dataset is part of your application (unlike the database backend), it's a logical place to build application-specific validation.The best place to add validation to your application is in the dataset's partial class file.You can confirm that data that's being written to a dataset is valid by building validation checks into the dataset itself.

For information on saving data from more than one table, see button is added to the form's code to send updates to the database.Visual XML document editor, suited as a lightweight editor for document framework deployments.It features full XSD validation, but doesn't require a XSD (XML Schema Definition).XMLFox Advance is an intuitive xml and xml schema(XSD) editor, allows the xml developer to create schemas and show a visual representation of what the xml document will look like for that schema.XMLFox Advance Editor is a delimiter-aware XML data editor with markup-aware cut-and-paste operations, undo, rectangular selection, clear diagnostics and other innovative attractive tools to handle common XML/XSD editing tasks.You can edit the data in controls and save your changes back to the database.This example uses the window, code to save data is automatically added for the first table dragged onto a form.It's a good practice to validate data prior to sending updates to the underlying database.This reduces errors as well as the potential number of round trips between an application and the database.If you want to use regular expression for validating phone or mobile numbers followed by country code.For the latest documentation on Visual Studio 2017, see Validate data in datasets on docs.

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