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Artie said that he went right into a detox center and they might just have a Polaroid of him when he was out of it and it may have been destroyed because his case was sealed up back then.Steve said they have a story about Riley Martin doing an interview with a paper called ''Weird New Jersey'' where he gets 5 pages to rant.

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He said that they have the latest Bowling Beauties up on Howard TV.Howard went to Jon Hein who ran down the stuff they were going to cover today on the Wrap Up Show.Mutt from Superfan Roundtable was up next with his preview of that show. am Howard had Robin start her news after Fred played Robin's ''Brown Mound'' song parody.Howard said he was actually watching Ira's TV show on HBO and seemed to like it.Steve mentioned the new show they have starting tomorrow morning and how Master Tape Theatre is moving to 3pm on Howard 101 starting tomorrow.Steve said that Blue Iris had a 7 pound tumor removed from her uterus. He mentioned that she knew something was wrong when she started spot bleeding.Steve said that they also have a story about reporter Ira Glass talking about how Howard's show is the happiest show on radio.Howard congratulated him on getting through dental school and said he didn't have much of anything else to say to him.Fred went into his President of Eritrea impression and told some jokes that went over Howard's head.Howard asked him why he would waste his time with something like that.The dentist said that the name of the guild is ''Blood Pact of the Chosen.'' Howard asked what his wife thinks of that.

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