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But [usually] I don’t have a problem getting up for practice. So there are a few good Americans now, like James Blake and Robby Ginepri. JOHN: Well, that’s good because American tennis never gets a good shake on TV. America has the best tennis players in the world, more or less. RODDICK: What’s so cool about our group of young Americans is that we all grew up together. On some songs I haven’t played for a while, I forget the words. RODDICK: There are some days when you wake up and you’re not feeling great and practicing is the last thing you want to do. There are a bunch of young Americans coming up right now, which is pretty exciting. JOHN: Right now you’ve got the Williams sisters, Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras, and yourself. JOHN: Are you friendly on the road with other players, or do people keep to themselves? But the day-to-day goal I’m focusing on is making the Masters Cup [in November]. If you make that, you’re kind of the best of the best.

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” I’m like, “You’ve done everything [I’ve done], times 10.”JOHN: What other sports do you like?

Andy Roddick: The Two Statium-Packin’ Headliners–one a legendary tunesmith, the other, tennis’s next legend in the making—talk work and play.

RODDICK: I just, you know, do a whole bunch of nothing. But I’ve been battling injuries here and there since then. JOHN: It’s tough, because [once the season starts] you don’t really have time to get over injuries unless you take a lot of time off.

For as long as ten years, Roddick was in the top 10!

This took a lot of time and effort and only goes to show how much of an icon Andy is.

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