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“It was nice to meet you, Celeste.” And off we went.

But her big sister Celeste is really a sweetheart,” she said.

I just looked at her like a special-needs ape, my mouth half open. But, in the interest of fairness, the bar scene and online dating’s stock just went up big time.

So, he’s only ever known me as this newly single dad. I don’t think his girlfriend approves, but she’s a pretty good sport. He’s certainly a little more cavalier about all this than I am, but he also doesn’t advocate deception and dishonesty. But as a means of meeting women with whom I might be interested? He means grocery stores, or church, or the library, or a local park. True story: It was a hot, gorgeous Sunday afternoon just a few days ago. Hot mom at pool with daughter who happens to be friends with your son!? Let me illustrate just how absolutely horrible I am at approaching women in such a setting. Not only do I not have any game, but I evidently can’t even identify teenagers anymore. “………” After shitting my pants right there at the door (metaphorically speaking), I mumbled something about seeing her later and hustled off to work. So I’m thinking maybe I’ll just stick to two poles at a time*. I’m Celeste.” She tells me she lives next door to his daycare provider. “So, I met your neighbor yesterday,” I said, when she came to the door. “Oh, I’m sorry,” she replied, indicating that she didn’t think too highly of her neighbor. I yell something to my son about helping his friend’s mom round up the pool toys so we can all go home. The next morning, I dropped my son off at the daycare lady’s house. I mean they’re in their 30s, have jobs, are busy, maybe have kids, and maybe don’t have local roots. Which means I’m only friends with married couples and people I work with—two places where dating partners WILL NOT be coming from. It’s only embarrassing trying to explain yourself to non-online daters. You get rejected on a daily basis, either by women who won’t respond to a note you sent, or by women who view your profile but apparently don’t find you worthy of writing. There are a lot of women out there dealing with the same situation I am—and I don’t mean divorce recovery. Little man said he wanted to go to a nearby park where they have a small public pool for children. I found a spot on a park bench near the pool where I could keep an eye on him. My son stops, makes eye contact with the little girl, and they exchange waves. I watched him and this little girl splash around the pool playing together for a while, totally jealous that my son gets to frolic around with attractive girls in swimming pools. My five-year-old son’s mother had just dropped him off. It didn’t take me long to learn that she and my son are friends from his daycare lady’s house. So she can’t know for sure I’m checking her out, though she probably guesses correctly.

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