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There are two gay-owned restaurants, da Vinci and Ubis both in central area.And that’s it for the public LGBT scene–unless strolling/cruising at sunset in Central Park is included.(See other story: Guatemala City has gay numerous saunas and bars as well as an LGBT activist organization called Oasis.) There is virtually no LGBT discrimination here in hotels, markets, restaurants or public venues.The place could be called ‘gay light’ since there is no active ‘scene’.His original trip to Guatemala was as a missionary for his church and as a participant in Living Water Teaching, a fundamentalist charitable organization offering medical and educational services in Guatemala (like numerous other faith-based organizations here). A common differential between an American Anglo and a Nicaraguan is often money and therefore power.But Jack did not come into the relationship with wealth, after his marriage breakup, and easily accepted Bismarck as an equal partner.Here are some of the LGBT folks who are happily living and working in Antigua.

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Casbah disco is known as gay friendly all the time.

The whole place looks like a movie set for an Ivory-Merchant film of genteel by-gone Latin American life.

Thousands of tourists come and go each year and many fall in love with the city and stay to earn a livelihood.

Jack was anonymously outed to his wife which aborted their marriage and after a period of shock and trauma in the family he moved out and subsequently pursued an authentic gay life.

Two years later when he and Bismarck, originally from Nicaragua, came into each others’ lives they felt a sense of completion that had eluded them for a long time.

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